Q&A: Can I machine wash or hand wash my suit jacket.?

Question by Cheyenne: Can I machine wash or hand wash my suit jacket.?
Hi I currently need to wash my bf suit jacket. We got it for our sadies hawkins dance. We’re going as mad hatters (the theme is disney) and I got the jacket so I could dye it purple but unfortunately I didnt look to see if I could machine wash it. It says that its dry clean only but the dance is this saturday and I simply dont have time to dry clean it. They jacket materials are: shell 100% linen and Lining 100% rayon. Every other question Ive seen on this topic says not too but Im desperate. Does anyone have a solution?

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Answer by wise one
Dry clean it. If you wash it you may ruin it. I would follow the cleaning tag

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I have washed linen that should have been dry cleaned and was very sorry I did, so I would not recommend washing. The fabris shrank and never felt the same.

However, if the jacket is just for the night and will not be part of his regular wardrobe, then I guess it can’t hurt too much. Dissolve some wool wash in cool, not warm or hot, water. Dunk the jacket up and down in the water then squeeze, not wring, excess water out. Rinse in cool water, squeeze out excess, place the jacket in a pillow slip and spin dry.

Hang the jacket to air dry. It will probably need ironing but place a tea towel or old pillow slip between the iron and the fabric.

Good luck.

I often machine wash my suit trousers but never the jacket. Check the cleaning labels first. if not sure just dry clean it

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