Q&A: Do you accept that men wear pink?

Question by Lura Great: Do you accept that men wear pink?
Do you accept that men wear pink?

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Answer by Diana Escalante
Yes, Sometimes a nice salmon pink can work on hot muscle tan men. (: definitely works on some men but not on scrawny skinny armed men. They have to be a little buff.

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I’d accept it, but if a guy went around with a noticeable amount of pink on I think he might get a few stares.

It depends.

Some men wear pink to prove their masculinity (i.e. I’m so macho I can pull off wearing pink). Some wear it because it looks good on them. Some men wear it because they like it.

It’s not a big problem or anything as long as its not something like pink speedos *cough*Tony Abott*cough* but yeah, it really depends on the guy.

Guys wearing pink looks gay.

Yes, I don’t personally think it looks good, but it would be boring if we all had the same tastes. Besides it’s up to other people what they want to wear.

i know a lot of guys who wear pink shirts. some look supa fly in them

It depends really.
some guys wear pink and can really pull it off, others look kinda gayish.

yes its very sexy and sure not gayish

Yes, colors have no gender. Don’t let society brainwash you..

Its Ok !!! depends on person attitude like if any person wear pink or hot pink try to act like girl u ll think he is gay but if a person wear light shade pink with suit u ll think wow what a guy lol so pink shades also very imp to think about any one 🙂

yes!!! for example a pink shirt and a black sweater ..mmmm nice!! ;D

I think that a pink tee looks amazing on guys but if they start strolling around in pink skinny tights and a pink handbag… um, no thankyou. xD

I met my bf now husband of 36 years, wearing pink long sleeve shirts & blue pants (knit tight yeah!)

My sons now married wore them in T-shirts.

Now? people label you as GAY.

Everyone has their own opinion what GAY should or shouldn’t wear.

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