Q&A: Is long hair on men in style?

Question by One Comrade: Is long hair on men in style?
I have wavy frizzy hair, and it’s been 7 months without a haircut. I notice most guys these days in school have short hair. Very few have longer hair. I kind of look retro compared to them. Anyway, is it in style or not? Not that it’s going to stop me from growing my hair, but I’m curious.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krYPz2iOcUQ Here is what my hair looks like, but mines a different color and a little shorter.
I think my hair is too nice to kept short. Short hair looked good on me when I was younger, but now longer hair looks better on me now.
@Steve, actually that guy just got a nice short haircut last week. I can agree short hair suits him better.

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Answer by James
yes, the mullet is coming back in style

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I don’t know that is was ever IN STYLE but men have been wearing long hair for ages. I know 6 men who currently wear their hair long. One of them has his hair below his waste. I think most men look awful with long hair but once in a while I’ll see a man who looks attractive with long hair.

Get a very good hair cut that flatters you. Retro is not in. Long hair…although I love it…is not in and makes you look unkept and out of date.

No, long hair is not in style; long hair like that guys was never in style, not even in the 60’s or 70’s. That guy’s long hair does not suit him. He’d more fully suit almost any guy’s standard style: regular, ivy league, crew cut etc. If he wants longer hair, something like this….
Good Luck!

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