Q&A: is online dating worth it?

by bigburpsx3

Question by cutieepie: is online dating worth it?
is joining a online dating site worth it or is it a waste of time I don’t have much time to go to the clubs these days due to work but same time if this isn’t worth a shot then I’ll just meet guys in person..I heard plenty of fish was a good site but not sure?

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Answer by cookiemonster*(:
it can be sometimes.

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Real dating will never have the awesome “Surprise! I’m really an old horny man!” you get from online dating.

I put my profile on plentyoffish and within 2 minutes I was overwhelmed with messages, over 100 in a day and still coming through, I personally could not handle all that and took it off the next day.
Either the site is inundated with people just looking for sex or there is a shortage of girls on there.
All I can say is good luck and stand back from the deluge of messages you will receive.

well.. some people find true love at the net.. most find trouble.. try to find love at the right places…

I was a little hesitant at first but then realised it was a good way to weed through a selective group of guys.. there will be some weirdos out there, and some potentials.. but the key is patience because it may take a while until someone worth it comes online.. just give it a go.. its awkward at first with the whole grtting to know you through email, but you push past it asnd theres a chance for something meaningful- just be safe if you eventually decide to meet up
(also heard plenty of fish is good)

mine please:

give online dating a try, you’ll like it!
I currently use Flirtmaps: many smart people in and no waste of time at all 😉
just download it on your mobile and start enjoying it!

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