Q&A: Ladies: What constitutes a “good man”?

by mollybennett

Question by Brandon J: Ladies: What constitutes a “good man”?
In the dating world, I always hear women say “Where have all the “good men gone?” – well, what constitutes a “good man”? Be specific.

And don’t sugar coat it either. I mean, don’t be like “someone with a job” – because I have a feeling that if the dude flipped burgers for a living, you wouldn’t give him a chance.

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Answer by bayou_babe1111
everyone has their own definition – just like men want a “good woman”, lol – but heres mine: a man that is true to his word, kind hearted, hard working. that about sums it up!

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What i think a good man is: he is good lookin, he works and doesn’t sit on his ass at home, actually cares about me and would do anything for me, get u little surprises without u knowing, helps around the house, actually wants to talk to ur parents/ meet them, wants to be in a long relationship/ be to gether forever…… this is how my bf is! lmfao i think that is a good man!! <3

this statement is misleading. it hints that woman actually want a good man. this is very far from the truth. if i had a dollar for every time i saw a very nice guy fall in love with one of my friends who are girls and then see my friend completely disregard that guy and then just have sex with some random jerk who only wants to sleep with them. almost every girl will deny it because they know its a shitty thing to do but its just true. a “good guy” is an attractive dude with a big penis.

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