Q&A: Men’s clothing:how to dress well/look good?

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by walt74

Question by OutOfLuck: Men’s clothing:how to dress well/look good?
Hi all

I’m in my mid 20s and am tired of the T-shirt/jeans look. Can anyone give me good advice (brands/what to wear/etc.)? I like button up shirts/Ts, leather jackets, long coats, but I don’t want to look preppy/a hipster.

I want a look that’s nice yet casual.

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Answer by Timmy Timm
stores like the Gap & Banana Republic have nice classic styles

Nate Berkus had a fashion guy on a few months ago & gave a list of 10-12 every guy should have-just staples that can be mixed & matched for any occasions, and you can get these from moderately priced to expensive

here’s a few I remember:
1-2 pairs of khakis that fit well-many come in no-iron versions
1 pair black dress pants, again there are many machine washable that require little to no ironing
1 black or gray v-neck sweater, you can wear it with a t-shirt underneath to be casual, a dress shirt under for more formal or work
a few well fitted dress shirts again nuetral colors that can match all your other clothes, you can wear them with jeans untucked with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows or ironed and tucked in with a tie & dress pants
a simple black wool overcoat, one that you could wear to a formal/work event or casual (I have one with a detachable hood so its more fun/casual for everyday-if I take it off more formal
one pair comfortable dress shoes-either black or brown that could be worn with dress pants, khakis, or jeans

& as to not look too boring or conservative I always wear a fun watch like M said a white one or a bright color & even if I have a plain outfit on I will wear solid bright colored socks or one thing to make it mine & unique

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Simple but neat is the way to go. And ALWAYS make sure your clothes fit. Take them to a professional tailor if you need to. It’s not as expensive as you’d think. Today I’m wearing White flats, Light Grey Chinos that seem to look a little silverish and a sky blue poloshirt doesn’t get much simpler and I think it looks pretty good. Always wear a watch too. I’m wearing a white watch it goes well with everything really, so yeh keep it simple. Never wear shirts that are printed or anything and don’t wear those awful twisted chinos/jeans. And wear them with a belt, I’m aware the phase where people were walking around with their trousers to their knees showing off their pacman boxer shorts is fading but it does still happen. Try to look casual but smart. And make sure you’re clean shaven and have a nice neat hairstyle.

For the love of all things holy, just don’t buy pleated pants. A big thing is fit and finish. If your clothes are too big you will look sloppy, and if they are too small you will just look ridiculous. Don’t wear clothes that are wrinkly. If you aren’t the best at ironing, you can always just try wrinkle-free shirts, and I believe Downy has a spray that is a wrinkle release. You can still wear jeans, just wear a straight leg cut in a uniform, dark wash (no whiskering).

Get a pair of Dr Martens (or something of the like). They don’t have to be boots, you can get a pair of shoes. They look better than sneakers and they’ll last forever.

Lucky Brand and Levi’s (they aren’t just for jeans!) are my go-to stores when shopping for guys. I like Nautica too for button down shirts.

Timmy Timm has good advice too.

A hipster doesn’t dress up. What you said above is perfect. You can wear polo shirts and khakis and that is still dressing well and not sloppy. Keep in mind that you don’t want to wear polos in strange colors so that you look put together.

Where to shop:

Banana Republic
Brooks Brothers
American Eagle
Eddie Bauer
Land’s End

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