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Question by debbs000007: Old fashion man?
This is what I dont understand. Why is a women consider a gold digger if she wants a man with money to spoil her? I work I make decent money but I still want a man to spoil me the old fashion way. I dont feel the need to go 50/50 just because women are now in the work force! I mean Men will always be big babies and expect a women wheather shes working or not -to cook and clean up after him and take care of their kids. I refuse to pay for anything. My money should just be saved for when I get old and he dies–like a back up.

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Answer by Violet Pearl
The old fashioned way? LOL Your views on relationships are skewed. Poor you.

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That seems a bit selfish to me. A relationship is , or should be 50/50. You might meet a man who wants to take care of you financially, but usually because he wants control, and he wont want you to work at all, just be dependent on him. If you are working and he is too, then its all joint money ….in a marriage, if you are just dating…. and he pays for everything then you know you will end up paying in the end, be it with money or something else.

OK your right on a few things. I have a wonderful man that spoils me, however I buy him gifts all the time as well. Its a give and take thing. It makes us realize how much we really do love each other, especially when times are a little tight and we can’t but like we are used to. Its up to the two of you if you go 50/50, no one else. As for cleaning and cooking, he prefers to do that because he is a total type A personality. I do help. I say, do what you want and don’t pay any attention to what people say.

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