Q&A: Ralph Lauren Navy Blazer?

Question by A. Banana: Ralph Lauren Navy Blazer?
I want to buy a blue blazer like the one in this picture (crest, piping, navy blue):
… But I can’t afford one from Ralph Lauren 🙁 Any ideas where I could find such a blazer?

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Answer by Sushi Roll
:O That’s such a cute blazer!
Best bet is Nordstrom, same high end products but at a lower price (:

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go to the ralph lauren store and switch the price tag

banana repucblic if you want that classs

come to my house

American Eagle had some super cute blazers! http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product.jsp?productId=0383_1293_410&catId=cat4260032 See? 70 bucks, just as cute!

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