Q&A: Top ten men Hair styles?

Question by zseagle10: Top ten men Hair styles?
I am a 16 and I would like to know the top ten hair styles for teen men.

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Answer by jen_hop39
#1 Mullet

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shave it

wow, not a mullet, it depends on what u look like, if u are more of the jock/ popular/ prep type shaggy hair is hott, but not past your sholders that’s too long, spiking is kinda out, u could just have a plain hot short cut, but if your hair is curly and not the afro curly thats cute, u could scrunch it with mosse if its curly, it really just depends on what u look like though, u should have atched a pic so people could have a better idea…

My daughter is a hairstylist and I have two 17 y/o teen boys. These are a few of the most popular styles right now.

Faux Hawk
Surfer Look
College Cut

On the Yahoo home page type the name of the haircut in the search box and click on “images”. Right now the Faux Hawk is the hottest look. You can check it out on this site:

Don’t be afraid to try something bold. Go to a good salon and ask the stylist what will compliment your face shape and hair texture, Have fun with it.

take a look for this hairstyle site: http://www.hairstyles-hairstyle.com/hairstyle.html

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