Q&A: What goes well with a navy blazer ?

navy blazer
by whileimautomaton

Question by Tomboy: What goes well with a navy blazer ?
I’m am wearing a navy blazer today what goes well with it try not to give me a link ! 10 points to best answer:) thank you to all people who had answered:).

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Answer by Vanessa
Hello!! šŸ™‚

Go with a long-medium sleeved tight fitted white shirt with navy stripes (navy with white stripes is also fine), a bright pop of colour on the lips such as red or lollipop coloured, a red skirt, some cute neutral (grey/tan/taupe)/black coloured round toed pumps or flats. Accessorise with a tan leather bag.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go with some bright yellow, coral or teal bangles/necklace (only choose one colour and one type of jewellery, don’t wear all of them or you will look like a colourful mess).

Good luck! šŸ™‚

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I think it looks good with patterned tops like striped tees, polka dot blouses and graphic tees and even denim shirt to give a very fin and unexpected outfit. Here are some inspirations for you to see: http://wearwith.cloudapp.net/search?page=1&outertype=jacket%20%2F%20blazer&outercolor=navy

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