Q&A: What would be cute to wear with a navy boyfriend blazer?

navy blazer
by whileimautomaton

Question by Serina K: What would be cute to wear with a navy boyfriend blazer?
I bought a navy blazer that has a boyfriend fit but have yet to wear it. I was wondering if you could show me cute outfits or give me some styling ideas please. thanks!

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Answer by heyshannon28
Blazers are REALLY in right now! I actually have one too and need to wear it!

I have seen people wear navy blazers with black or blue jeans, a white tank top, long necklaces, and flats and it looks really cute. For when it gets warmer, you could also wear it with a white long skirt probably. It also looks cute when people roll up their jeans when they wear a blazer or wear cropped pants.

Hope this helps!

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you can wear dresses. skinys with a shirt pretty much all thing. on one of these pages i found a blazer and the model wore it so nice. but you have to look for it. but there are some good wardrobe ideas here http://thebluejeansblog.blogspot.com

wear a white tank top inside with lots of gold OR silver long necklaces tangled together and underneath wear dark pencil straight or skin tight jeans. gold OR silver boots (depending on the colour of the necklaces) with the jeans rolled up a bit. flats or sandals can also work. i would advise using the gold and navy colour scheme. looks better. for jewellery, nothing but the necklaces. wear your hair up in a french braid with a few strands that hang and frame your face. you can curl that the hanging strands a bit if you want to.

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