Q&A: Why do women listen to gay men for fashion?

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Question by amadeus: Why do women listen to gay men for fashion?
I never hear men say a skinny girl look nice. I recently saw a reality show where gay men shall make girls to models. They also wanted the girls to have short hair. One cried and one refused to cut her hair. Men in general want girls with long hair. As I can see it, gay men make women look like men. Why do women want to look like men?
after looking at the answers I can just say: Look at a lot of advertising, etc. You see flatbreasted women with no ass and short hear. No men think that is nice. Men want curves. Often they make breast look smaller than they reallly are. And who say you look nice when you just cut your hair short, men or women?

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Answer by AppleSoda
Not all of us listen to them for advice, some girls can rock with short hair some girls looks bad with long hair. Gay guys usually have a vision closer to us girls sometimes when girls give other girls advices either to be evil and make them uglier then them or tell them the truth, some girls stab other girl’s back I’m not saying gay guys don’t but we listen to them if we like their idea or they’re professionals lol.

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We dont want to look like men, but we go to gay men because they are looking at our curves in a very different way. They look to accent the features we have, not straight up flaunt the good ole t&a.

Because the fast that gay men are gay means they care about clothes and actually have a fashion sense.

i have no idea , maybe its because they think that just because they are attracted to men too , this makes almost a woman . and stylish .When in fact loads of gay people dress awful , like ststraighten . its dodoesn’take a didifferenceewhetherhere gay or not . Some men have good style and some dodon’tBut some people just dodon’tet it .

Usually women listen to gays as they’re often seen as more feminine, and there for be interested in fashion.
Gay men can also look at women in a different light, they can observe women and see what looks good without actually being attracted to them, and can give their honest opinion on a garment.
And I don’t agree that gay men make women look like men.

???has someone hit u with a funny stick? how did u come to that conclusion?…they want the hair short on women so it means they want em to look like men and that most men like women with long hair?…these are all ur opinions and illogical conclusions…and there is absolutely no logic to what ur saying other than the few statementsu saw a reality show; one woman criend and refused to cut her hair off, and gay men wanted to make girls into models…and some how short hair on women leads to a manly woman and gay men with their fashion advice…right….well it just so happens perhaps short hair is a fashion trend in hollywood…maybe, possibly, gay men are looked to by some women for fashion advice over their straight friends because sometimes their straight male friends avoid shopping situations with women and sometimes the “girly gay” man will step in as a male’s opinion who just so happen to enjoy shopping too…??? i dont know though, its different for every woman and man on their opinion and their reasons…but i can tell u that ur thining out of ur butt comming up with an illogical conclusion…u cna answer ur own question just by broadening ur perspective of the world….as for me i trust fashion advice from the male companion more than a females i know because most females i know are indecisive, and most men i know are straight forward…i dont care if hes gay or straight…but in the end i will do waht i want to with or with out a man or wamans approval…even if i wanted to chop my hair off and do a britney.

they listen to us gays becoz we know what where talking about, and we give our honest opinion on how they look, we dont just say “yea…u look great” when really there ass looks as big as an african rhino. short hair is something widely popular on models these days. xoxo

I too am bothered by this. One gay guy who answered here, confirmed this. Just stating something that aren’t a fact but an opinion. That short hair is fashion these days, and bully women with curves for being big rhinos etc. I love a woman with curves. Just take a look at the shape of a woman in a mans magazine compared to a fashion magazine. I would love more women with big asses. 🙂

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