Q&A: Why don’t men wear make-up?

Question by bob t: Why don’t men wear make-up?
Two days before prom I got a small pimple and I have clear skin, so it stuck out. Then by prom day it was HUGE and I didn’t want to remember it with a big pimple. My sister said I should put on make up because it wasn’t a big deal for one day, and I did and it was pretty much gone. It made me feel more confident that night, the way girls do, and it got me thinking – why don’t men wear it?

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Answer by werido
cause even if they did they wouoldnt look any better.

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some do their called drag queens, haha but serious i dont think there is anything wrong with that i mean look at grunger’s and emo’s they wear eyeliner i think Lol. x

it depends what kind. your talking about concealer to cover pimples and acne, but mascara and lipstick would just look weird(unless they were gay). some guys who have acne or pimples do wear foundation or concealer and no-one can really notice their wearing it so if they want to i think they should. i dont have a problem with it and i dont see why other people should.

This guy at my school wore makeup…like powder….
not alot of people like him.
they make fun of him,people dont like to be made fun of.

Male models put make ups for their pictorials! I guess for a common guy, it wouldn’t be really odd to put a powder, concealer or foundation on face. As long as it is THIN-ly applied on face, then it wouldn’t turn out gay. I guess, boys’ BIG NO-NO when it comes to make up is the eye and lip cosmetics!

Men are men… they look good natural, I love their masculine physiques and facial hair. Men don’t wear makeup because it is made for women, the reason why we wear makeup is to enhance our beauty, in other words it is an enhancement of more estrogen. The reason why our society is attracted to long eyelashes (mascara), blush makeup, darker eye crease (eyeshadow), darker plump lips (lipstick, gloss, plumper etc.), or youthful skin (foundation, powder, etc..) is because it makes a women look more women, if that makes sense. That is why we are attracted to women who wear makeup either natural or glamorous makeup, it is a women’s beauty secret. When I say “attracted” I am talking about a person’s physical form, as for men we are attracted to men who seem strong and have the ability to take care of us.

You’d be surprised at the number of men who actually DO wear makeup. All the actors and male musicians you see on TV wear makeup. They have an image to maintain. If wearing makeup makes you feel more confident, then go for it. Just don’t overdo it. A little concealer, powder or foundation is fine if you wanna cover up a pimple. =)

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