QI, Series G: Episode 15 – Green (Part 2/3)

The fifteenth episode of the seventh (or “G”) series of the BBC comedy show QI (all about things green), as first broadcast on Friday 26th March 2010 at 8.30pm on BBC1, hosted by Stephen Fry and accompanied by guests Bill Bailey, Danny Baker and Jeremy Clarkson, alongside regular panellist Alan Davies. For more QI-ness, please visit the QI Blog at qitalk.blogspot.com and the official QI website at http For more Gluben-ness, please visit The Gluben Blog at gluben.blogspot.com You can also find me elsewhere! Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Google Buzz: www.google.com

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@khaninator I think they all have one in their desks. at two or three episodes theiy all take out a pipe.

use to oversee borehole installations, cows would try and lick the machinery of all the grease on it overnight had to put fencing up.

Also if you drive along the M23 near Maidstone, you’ll see all those concrete rings on the hills, that’s to protect the equipment that monitors the movement of the hill from cows


“I am not amused”

@khaninator that was his whistle

This is probably the loudest and most off topic Qi I’ve seen yet.

Jeremy really wanted Bill on his side from the start, anyone notice the jealous looks being fired? lol

“You’re thinking of lions.”

Bill Bailey. Fucking legend.

well, ofcourse vegetarian comes from vegetus as well.

lold at the Penguin Public Enemy tribute band

So we can identify them as fools and madmen that did not get enough clapping

Jeremy:”I bet you someone would object if you motorized a tortoise,” :/
LOL. :3

The vegetarian society was set up after the word vegetarian was created and they changed its meaning so to included the use of dairy products. “suitable for vegetarian” food does not mean kind to animals at all.

Alan’s story about Kieth (his friend who’s afraid of cows) is hilarious. He explains it on the Arsenal podcast does during the season.

Bill’s face when alan does that cow magnet thing is priceless!

I know it’s cruel, but I kinda want one of those motorized tortoises!

What star sign are you??? Saggy hairy arse!!!!

I want a penguin with a giant pocket watch on him now.

Dear QI: Get Johnny Ball on. Or else.

Anyone else find it adorable that Danny actually owns and listens to the cast recording of Wicked? x)

Bill Bailey and Alan always do a bit of a duo routine. Funny.

@Srodsand Alan found his “Elephant in the Room” card in Series F Episode 6 – “France” from the previous series, and Stephen awarded Alan the “Elephant in the Room” bonus.

@Srodsand Ah, thanks. He certainly seems to favor it.

The pipe is a prop from a previous episode, you’ll occasionally see Alan or the guests pull props from several seasons ago out of the desks. Apparently they don’t clean out the set between episodes 😛

Btw: proud to be a citizen of the country that gave the world the “cow-magnet” – Denmark ftw!

Fun fact: there is actually an alarm-clock one get purchase which instead of waking you with an annoying beeping or ringing (or the ever popular radio), gently soothes you into the realm of the living with the soft and most wonderful iambic of our moist, pink and fluffy friend / teacher / lover / idol / national treasure / sexual fantasy, Mr. Stephen Fry. Not a joke, this actually exists! It’s brilliant!

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