QI XL, Series G: Episode 14 – Greeks (Part 1/5)

The fourteenth episode of the seventh (or “G”) series of the BBC comedy show QI (all about Greeks), hosted by Stephen Fry and accompanied by guests Clive Anderson, Rich Hall and Phill Jupitus, alongside regular panellist Alan Davies. This is the “XL” extended edition, as first broadcast on Saturday 6th March 2010 at 9.15pm on BBC2. For more QI-ness, please visit the QI Blog at qitalk.blogspot.com and the official QI website at http For more Gluben-ness, please visit The Gluben Blog at gluben.blogspot.com You can also find me elsewhere! Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Google Buzz: www.google.com

beautiful love song LYRICS: When I’m with you I hear a song that makes me laugh and smile and sing to you When I’m with you I feel so free I feel that love is going to take control of me When I’m with you It’s for real (It’s for real) What I feel (what I feel) When I’m with you ..(you).. uh huh When I’m with you I wonder why people do stop and stare and smile at us When I’m with you The sun shines my way Maybe our love reflects its rays of light on everyone in the world When I’m with you It’s for real (it’s for real) What I feel (what I feel) When I’m with you …you hey hey hey aawww A Special touch a warm embrace A sweet and tender kiss your smile I love but It warmed my heart it was so cold chilled then I looked looked in your eyes I wonder why people do stop and stare and smile at us when I’m with you the sun shines my way maybe our love reflects its rays of light on everyone in the world when I’m with you it’s for real (it’s for real) what I feel (what I feel) when I’m with you you aayyyayyy…eeaayy, oh girl I love you baby yea yea yea yes I do yea yea yes I do I give the world to you baby ooooh, ohhh yea when I’m with you ohhh baby it’s for real (it’s for real) what I feel (what I feel) when I’m with you (you) yea hea yea hea everything, everything is alright when I’m with you its for real what I feel It’s ok everyday Honey its so nice (so nice) so right now (so right) When I’m with you (you) Nobody but you Honey I love you Yeah .. hoo

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@scientifico I’m American, and I certainly wish there could be an American version. I doubt that such a thing would be successful here, though. There would have to be pretty girls with fake boobs, lots of alarms, a time-constraint, and much more pop-culture references. More yelling. It seems that America does not put as much value on intellect as I and other countries seem to. Not to say that all Americans are like that, but popular culture serves the lowest common denominator.

If Russia attacked Turkey from the rear … Would Greece help?

I love this show. It’s been my addiction for the past week. Question: who would host the american version? Better yet, could there even be an american version?

@kinglynx I know, I was thinking the same thing! I always remember because in my first year Arabic class my Jordanian teacher said (intending it to be funny), “It’s a free country, I can bark where ever I want.”

@MaddestHatterFilms Shedding light on that fiction. “Orgia” were Greek festivities devoted to Dionysos, meaning a lot of drink and naked women (Maenads) were usually involved. As far as I know, there is no connection with (not wearing) shoes, it simply means “worship”.

I’m not sure if this is true… but apparently the word “orgy” technically means a group of people not wearing shoes indoors… can anyone shed some light on that fact?

@HansoFoundo it’s from Zorba the Greek (starring Anthony Quinn)


“Greased Lightning, Go Greased lightning” XD Poor Alan, always the but of the jokes. ^_^

all P’s in arabic are changed into B’s!!!

ahhh I’m so proud I’m greek right now…

@SofondaDildos He’s one of those people you just want to hug for an uncomfortably long time.

Could anyone please tell me what song is Rich’s buzzer? I recognise it from somewhere…

I don’t like Clive
Love everyone else,
but i really don’t like Clive.

i admit rich hall never comes off as super well educated, but he sure is witty.

@kaganesa Yay for Phil himself. 🙂

Fucking Awesome Mate

@AuranHarpy Yep! It’s from John 14.

Aww I thought it said “geeks.”

what are the opening letters in QI from? It sounds like John from the NT

“You’re very good on word I always like to check”
Well if you were going to ask anyone Mr Fry would be the man to ask!

Lol the intro song always finds a way to make me smile, no matter wot!

The Brothers Grimm! Fricative Shifts! Diachronic linguistics!

It might not have been interesting to the others, Stephen, but it was to me! I’m glad I didn’t have to wait until series L for some linguistic geekery up in here. 🙂

fav – ou -rite!!!!!!!

How come Greece gets a cool sounding national anthem? Bastards.

love the ole’ school really hope someone can step up and dress in nice slacks – dress shirt look like a REAL MAN !!!! when singing and sing something we can enjoy 30 years from now !!! like “MAZE”

great song

OMG i wanna cry

@1976Kentucky ohh Lordy don’t hurt the man…too bad! 😀

@1976Kentucky Girl, dont kill him, he’s a man!

@1976Kentucky girl, dont kill him, he’s man lol

I played this song and my husband didn’t remember it was our song the first dance at our wedding three months ago i am so pissed!!!!!!!

omggggggggg… 🙂

@Durbin1977 No Tony is not dead he’s live in Las Vegas
with his wife and kids

@Durbin1977 No Tony’s not dead he lives in Las Vegas with
his wife and kids

@Durbin1977 No Tony is not dead he lives in Las Vegas with his wife and kids

No he’s not dead. He lives in Las Vegas with his wife and kids.


@UptownGirl111 That comment tells me how old you are LOL! I forgot about that movie!

i love this song………


@Durbin1977 No, he’s still alive. Birth name Tony Terry
Born March 12, 1964 (1964-03-12) (age 46) Pinehurst, North Carolina, United States Genres Soul, R&B, new jack swing Occupations Singer Instruments Vocals Years active 1984 – present Labels Epic, Virgin

~Tony Terry you did it then so do it now~We want more of your gifted talent~I woke up this morning and thought about this song and I’ve been smiling ever since and hitting replay~replay~replay~lol

@Durbin1977 &’d @UptownGirl111 he iss nod deadd he was jus ahd a concert yestdayy !

@Durbin1977 Yes! He OD on peroxide when he was shooting the movie meteor man, but thats ok we still have this song….

Kenny Lattimore “For You”, Tony Terry “When I’m With You”, Oleta Adams “Get Here”

Is Tony Terry dead?

My future Wedding song. LOVE IT!

beautiful lyre

What a beautiful song for his daughter… What an impact! What an expression of love!

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