QI XL, Series G: Episode 14 – Greeks (Part 3/5)

The fourteenth episode of the seventh (or “G”) series of the BBC comedy show QI (all about Greeks), hosted by Stephen Fry and accompanied by guests Clive Anderson, Rich Hall and Phill Jupitus, alongside regular panellist Alan Davies. This is the “XL” extended edition, as first broadcast on Saturday 6th March 2010 at 9.15pm on BBC2. For more QI-ness, please visit the QI Blog at qitalk.blogspot.com and the official QI website at http For more Gluben-ness, please visit The Gluben Blog at gluben.blogspot.com You can also find me elsewhere! Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Google Buzz: www.google.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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what is up with the wrist thing?

I have a huge wrist ladies

OMG Phill is wearing a Green Lantern shirt! /nerdgasm

@lordsummerisle87 I don’t really care about the events so much as the massive corruption every single Olympic Games brings. No city has ever made back what they’ve spent on unnecessary sporting complexes – the Olympics basically function as a great way to move a lot of public money into the pockets of IOC officials and international construction firms, while creating lots of spectacle for Coca-Cola to splash its logo over. It’s just ridiculous.


Agreed. The events have become so specialised and introspective it’s hideous.

My thighs are FABULOUS.

@kinglynx Because the modern Olympic games are a massive scam?

why arnt they made of gold i dnt get it?

has Phill Jupitus connections with the S.H.A.R.P.?

@valeriewang That was in a previous QI episode! sneaky x

“But there’s no lead in pencil.”

“You’re right. Well done!” *applause*

Lol, Aan, you’re a treasure <3

Was the video quality really strange towards the end or was that just me? lol

Alan seemed unconvinced about the story of stone money at the island of yap but its true you know!

Green lantern tshirt:)

stephen saying, ‘he had a rrrripped body’ made me think of greg berhendt’s ‘rrrrrrripped like jesus.’

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