Queen – ‘Body Language’

The official ‘Body Language’ music video. Taken from Queen – ‘Greatest Video Hits 2’.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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I wonder if you’d contract aids if you touched Freddie’s Aches.

Anyways, good song.


….P…W…O…A…R…. ! 😀


Roger is the sexiest thing I ever seen!!!

@VirgilB01 once they KNEW but they didnt know medicaly speaking SHIT in the begaining. How many years before any REAL Aids research. As to Freddie specifly, I have no idea and nither do you if he always went bare back OR in the heat of the monent made a mistake once, I never had sex with him so I cant say and those who MIGHT know are loyal and dont go into PRIVATE areas. Since no one is God or God like, I dont judge but have conpassion. Being responsable dosent mean you cant make a mistake

cont0- from HIV or some other life-threatning ailment, of course I would want that person to be treated..or I wouldn’t be some one who is concidered a friend or who cares. Have a good day!

@MsLadyRobin – Matter of fact they did…Once they knew where the source or the disease came from and how to treat it. There are no “spins” here, just the facts. And the fact is that you want to make excuses and allowances for such actions that have consequences that is no longer practiced by those who have become responsible. The same individuals excuse Micheal Jackson’s reason for his death and still continue to do so until they become responsible. If I had a friend who is suffering-

@VirgilB01 well, if they taugh same sex safe sex then we will talk. If not , then there is nothing you can say. You are putting a 2010 spend on your own agenda and I am not interested. And if some you care about in 2010 makes a mistake and gets HIV how would you want him / HER TO BE TREATED

cont)- Condoms were around along with education on safe sex and anti-drug education was around even more so. I used to find condoms in that alley too, so don’t give me that! You’re making excuses for those who refuse to protect themselves from something that could’ve been prevented! Whether Gay or not..THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES for our choices that we make! If we make the right ones the consequences are good..if not bad. it’s that simple.

@VirgilB01 I am not going to aruge with you, believe what you want. BUT JUDGEING THE DEAD…any one WHO IS dead THAT IS SAD. And you have no idea why I know MEDICAILY what was known and what wasnt and when. .

@MsLadyRobin – Nonsense! I was around from 1981-87′ and remember very well about AIDS! I used to visit family in Phila,PA. where they lived down the street from the clubs where the gays used to hang out. The alleys were full of used dirty needles which the gays used and is the second reason for the spread of AIDS! I remember people would not walk or stand next to them or allow them into their house because they were afraid that they would catch the disease. Which was ridiculious at the time-

@VirgilB01 Stateing the facts isnt makeing excuses it is STATEING FACTS. And if he DID make a mistake, he was one of millions but AT THE TIME he wouldnt have known just like those that got it from blood products DIDNT KNOW. Plus he is DEAD and I still love him. Just as I still love someone else who died in the early years of Aids very close to me

@VirgilB01 you clearly have no idea about what was and wasnt known from 1981 to 1987 about Aids. Comdens were around so a girl / woman couldnt get pregant NOT same sex use, not in the begaining that is. . In the begaining of Aids they were calling it a new cancer but till they learned better. There is NOTHING you can tell me about Aids, sadly I know more then I want to/ I know when BREAKTHRU S came, etc.

cont)- from any consequences. I understand that you are a fan of his music just as I am. But we cannot make excuses and allowances for his behavior and choices simply because we are. That would be highly unfair to the Gay and straight communities who had suffered from losing loved ones and friends from this disease.

@MsLadyRobin – Excuse me. Miss Thing, first of all I believe he has spoken to his millions of fans and everyone else on what not to do when you have unsafe sex. If he’d followed the rules like everyone else he would be alive today, along with everyone else who has died from AIDS. You are making excuses for ignorance and from 1981-87′ there was knowledge on safe sex and the comdom existed just as well today. He (Mercury ) was expected to follow the same rules like everyone else and is not immune-

@VirgilB01 For one thing, how dare you judge a dead man, he can not speak for his self. second, if you knew the historty os Aids and the time frame of when fREDDIE GOT INFECTED YOU WOULD KNOW IT WAS A NEW VIRUS EVEN dr s didnt know much about. The safe sex came much latter, What we know now in 2010 just wasnt known in 1981 to 1987/ and try not to asume you REALLY know about his sex life, just worry about your own

@VirgilB01 “It was considered to extreme.” Exactly! This video broke a lot of rules and barriers!

@lucrativeelfmongrel – Yes, back in 82′

@MsLadyRobin – Yeah. Well that’s what got him in trouble. Having lived out his fantasies with women and men that he probably thought was also too yummy and not protecting himself cost him his life.

@ToyKotoMadman I doubt it. The video was banned for many years after it’s showing on MTV. By today’s standards it would be considered tame. It was too considered too extreme because of suggestive homosexual content with no warning. The song was popular on the charts, but it pushed the envelope limiting airplay.

@misplacednewyawker can people remember the 1980 s. Aids wasnt widely known about when Freddie got infected..and protection..that was known latter too. He found out he was possative in 1987 but almost surely got infected 3 to 5 years before, unless stymons show you didnt normaly get tested, way too many unknowns at the time. This was the EARLY AIDS YEARS

@VirgilB01 WELL,, I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the suggestion. Freddie is too yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

fantastic song of 80’s
true song of a dance floor

I was seeing this girl many years ago, and she would play this one over and over while we were, err… well I wont go into details. Every time I hear this one I can still feel her, taste her and smell her.

@21219skateralex Lol that was sarcasm right?

Awesome. Immense tune.

Fucking amazing!

Can’t wait for your next vid. This was great XD

wat video editor did you use to make this?

loved the vid!

how did you make this vid?!!


ur vids are going to make it big, i can tell


subbed and liked! This was a great vid

this was incredible


This is tribal dance, remember when we were meeting at night around the fire and dancing around, our body painted until we were falling on the ground exhausted??…this is it….listen to that stuff and FEEL HOW GOOD IT MAKES YOU FEEL….

this is so nice^^

hö? don’t hear any parallels to windowlicker…. ^^

you can load it at free youtube

take a look at my video Saugmaster1

Hollat at me got it on mp3!

reminds me of Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker, awesome tune..

this is so sick :D…..where can i download the song,that link is not good(broken)

love it were can i download this melody that link is broken

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