Race and Reality 1 Breaking the Taboo

www.davidduke.com The Clear and obvious evidence that human races do exist and that their biodiversity should be treasured rather than dismissed. How race has become a bad word in the globalist media but in reality race is simply a magnificent expression of Nature and Human Biodiversity. Human racial heritage and diversity should be preserved and treasured. And why each people should have the right to be preserved and every people should have the freedom to live in a society of their own nature and values.
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And this has happened all throughout the Western world.

@Kalvin978 Then how come only white nations are experiencing multiculturalism on a massive skale? Multiculturalism has NEVER been positive for any nation.

@sidecrank Check out the video on my profile, mate.

Thank you Dr. Duke for your videos which are releasing the oxygen of truth throughout the planet Earth. This reminds me of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “Total Recall” where he finally releases the oxygen througout the planet which the bad guy has tried to stop; or the other Arnold movie “Running Man” where the good guys finally take over the TV channel and can tell the people that they have been lied to by the State for years. Go for it Dr. Duke, you are the greatest!

So you actually see immigration as a punishment. How interesting. Are there other non-european countries who deserved to be punished because of what some of its members did or did not do, or are you only against a future for white people?


Are there any non-europeen countries you would flood with immigrants because of historic events, or are you just plain and simple ANTI-WHITE?

The colonization of Africa and various other countries (British India), western powers conquering countries, enslaving people and making them a second class citizen IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY! Even using them as soldiers in WW2 (the french called on more than 62,000 African soldiers in turn for citizenship 40,000 died 10,000 where deported) oh, and not too forget the ransacking of raw materials from the many mineral rich african nations, using their western funded dictators to enforce the chaos.

The multicultural societies in the western world is not the fualt of the african’s who escape their nations with corrupt leaders due to the lack of entrepreneurship, food production (from farming) ad competitive/free markets alike caused by the unrelenting pumping of aid into the continent. Ask your self how can a farmer sell his hard worked rice crop if american aid workers are giving it too the goverment at less than half price. Or even if you look at it in a different light …..

@frogca As an african american, what do you believe is the best solution to the problems of multiculturalism? White pepole will die out if we don’t have our own nations and so would any other race. However, that is just the case for white nations. All other races have theirs.

@heerwa2 I am British and we have been suffering under these terrible people longer that most ! You guys have to make him president to save the world.

you are surely correct,Doc Duke! Theyre FAR too afraid to have you on the media,tho they never stop bashing ya! I still recall how you schoolded Wolf Blitzer! BUT I diagree with you on being concerned about “other” races: Those that understand race,the Chinese and the Jews,will ALWAYS take care of themselves. The rest,like the blacks,cannot get enough race-mixing!!!

Dr. Duke I do agree that there are differences. However multiculturalism is accepting the fact that people are different, people come from all different walks of life. With that being said there are so many fundamental differences within a single race. The only people that are truly “your” people are the ones in your own immediate family. War and genocide is not the product of multicuturalism, it’s the product of people not accepting the fact that we should love all people, differences and all.

@wijse A website called stormfront, and a few people on here.

Northeast Texas used to be white. Now I am harassed all the time by mexican niggers who don’t know their place over my flag or whatever.

Just got yelled at randomly by some random Mexican nigger who felt like using me to lift himself up like a true loser.

@wijse Yes, until they mixed with Mediterraneans which caused the collapse of the roman empire. Slavs are fully assimilated with Alpines. There are a minority of Nordics in slavic countries, but they are not remnants of the original slavs, they are descended from East-Germanic tribes. If you truly believed Meds were superior then why do you want so desperately to assimilate with inferior Nordics.

What a great video. Thank yo so much for posting these instructive videos. I learn more from you (between you videos and books) then I have learned in high school and college combined.
Great work!

@boxeoguerreiro o rly? what did they create.

@iamthemasterofmyfate Nordicists are the scourge of White Nationalism. Do you also consider Slavs as non whites?. Were the Romans also Nords?

@wijse No hes not, he’s subhuman. Only Nordics are white, the anti-miscegenation laws in several states were based on the works of Madison grant. What have non-nordics done in history? Nothing, we invented Indo-European languages which is the most spoken language family in the world today and built all civilizations which spoke Indo-European languages, unfortunately the ones which assimilated with alpines or Mediterraneans fell into oblivion.

@123americangamer You are white. As long as you introduce yourself as a White European and not as 1/18 Native American. You must have spoken with Nordicists.

@drdduke Dr Duke i love your videos and truth, you had a big hand in me waking up to how the world is. i have always been proud to be white and in recent days i have been taking my pride further. im young have nordic features, dark blue eyes i sound pretty white right? well i had a Native American great-grandpa and from what i have been told by white nationalists im not white? what the hell am i supposet to do? remove my pride and say im not white?

So daivde duke what are your thoughts on Interracial Marriages it’s in the bible?

Was Moses’ wife BLACK? – Numbers 12th Chapter – RACISM in the Bible


race and religion are two separate things with a very slight overlap but still separate. A lot of people are getting the two entwined.

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