Re-Opening a failed Pick Up. Adam Lyons VIP Trailer

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you should put up more vids of u and your gf… yea

hey adam, when will this VIP section be available on your website? I’ve tried subscribing to it but it seems that you have it under construction yet still.

I post regularly on the mpuaforum I also post from time to time on thelss and will be posting HEAVILY on the dating science forum when it’s up.

Hey Adam, do you still post on any of the forums?

ur actually different for your approach to things. even though youve done the multi-ltr thing youve really evolved past that.

a demo is a demo and hey i bet his gf likes that he can pull these girls but choose not to

No probs at all man.

Just wanted to get it out. I have more filmed approaches than most. And my competitors are trying to call me out on not being able to do it.

It’s funny really!

Ahh I see. I wasn’t accusing you , just read a review.

Oh I open if needed and chat for 5 mins if need be. I won’t get sexual though because I feel it’s unfair on the girl for me to lead her on for no reason.

The irony is that the main people who claim I don’t demo are insructors who have ZERO evidence of them gaming in field. I’ve done my fair share, and placed it on youtube for people to watch. Most people attack when they’re scared of being accused themselves.

I heard you don’t do demos anymore because you’ve got a gf, is that true? I don’t see how having a gf should prevent you from flirting for 5 mins.

Hahaha Sorry man, sucks ass eh?

Bu the weather here is better!

i cant belive you left the uk, you suck!! weve got little puas here already! what happened to no.1 pick up artist in the uk? yeah youve lost your title now =P (im just kidding about the whole sucking thing your the oppisite of sucking, you blow!)


omg look at the girls O.O. r u serious. u wanna sell that crap?

Not alot…I live in the US now :o)

AFC Adam,

What can you offer for people wanting to learn in person? Live in West London so it would be fun to pick your brain sometime. Your understanding of attraction and the practical application of which are really insightful and useful.

5-6 and growing.

How many vip vids are there at the moment????

i like to game girls for fun, not pleasure 😉 although pleasure is a bonus isn’t it lads;) ?

I wish I was !! it depends how bad you messed up…..or how you got blown out —cant wait to see his video on it

Dont take this the wrong way, but I love you dude. Youre style appeals to me more than any other, you totally deserve to be in the top3 .. stay sharp.


The only difference between a blowout and a test is how you take, what you make it mean. (Giving value)

Im loving your work mate. check out my channel/videos for more glory (Shameless plug)

Adam you’re one the best in the game. Keep up the good work man.

Hahaha XtremeAce!

Thanks for the support man. So many people leave sets they feel are over, but if you approach correctly it can work out perfectly.


ur obviously not adam lyons

you cant re-open a failed pick up!!!

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