Real Social Dynamics Tyler Infield Pulling While “Out Of State” — Hot Seat 2 Revealed

Real Social Dynamics Tyler Infield Pulling While

Tyler reveals hidden camera footage from Hot Seat 2 ( pulling a tall cutie while being tired and in a bad mood. The video demonstra…

Australia’s James Marshall and Canada’s Sasha Daygame go head to head in a pick up artist style swap

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Listen, dont get this confused. Ive been with a fair decent amount of women but the amount of effort I have to put in, to get a QUALITY girl as opposed to a white guy that has value painted on him at birth is HUGE. Yea, Gabby Sidibe is beating down my door to get a taste, but Naomi Campbell is at yours. Go on any dating website. Im gonna let u wht guys in on a secret that you might not know. 96% OF ALL WOMEN ON ONLINE DATING ARE LOOKING FOR WHITE MEN. They dont admit it to u but they do to us.

EXACTLY. I only get respect if Im a famous rapper, athlete, or pimp (thats very inspiring…not). Guess what, im neither. No I dont think theirs material on how to get a blk guy. Oh? You saw a few post of women that said they do on a forum right? I will admit though, theirs a lot of fat women of every race that hunt down blk men because they know white men dont want them after they used them up during their prime. Yum yum, theirs nothin like used up fat white woman (saracasm).

and you know how many WHITE women like BLACK men. you know how much social power you black men have, you guys are the underdogs the rappers athletes and the “pimps” you wake the fuck up man. you think theres no material out there for white woman to pick up black men? dont hold yourself back… i use to think just like you until i fucking ended up in psychotherapy. i.e. I’m latin but i look like a fucking white dude and im white washed, i have trouble pulling black women… and ipreferblackgirls

You white guys confuse me at times. You guys have no idea how much power and social proof you have just by being WHITE. I.e What other race of men have COMPLETE DOMINANCE on Asian women? They drool at the site of you. Blk women have BOOKS on how to PICK YOU UP. Arabs and Indians ONLY go for you if they are not arranged to marry their own men. WAKE THE FUCK UP

Great Pull. I’ve found that when you’re out of state, just start doing things to amuse yourself and then start talking to people to get the ball rolling.

On a completely unrelated note…. That watch looks awesome! What is it?

sounds canadian

AHAHAH “you’re taking my sister to the restroom?!” Tyler- “Mhmmm :)”

very lame the girls are too easy, this is not in the least bit impressive. those girls might be good looking but hoe is written all over them and they are just too easy. even a high school environment is tougher where girls have way higher social value than this place.

3:00 Hector Lavoe – Mi Gente

is that Will from inbetweeners at the bar? xD

Just what I needed to start the night right 🙂
Cheers as always, Tyler

i like your stuff but that “heh” thing is kind of annoying lol

Is this the guy from Hangover

What kind of place is the infield filmed? Dont look like a regular bar/club

8:10 , did jeffy fu**** her to ?

Does this happen a lot?? Let me get this straight.. You were totally out of state and you just did a couple little approaches and bang you pulled.. Fuck. I have a long way to go.

hell yea man. this will be mad inspiring next time i get in my off mode


you know tyler ive kinda realized that approaching is so important. Its the biggest part of the battle. What happens afterwards is less important.

Having the guts to just go for it will give you some mad luck. Like one time I was out and I spotted some decent chick and just went for it. I wasnt feeling great and it affected the interaction but as soon as I made a hint I was gonna go the chick got clingy. She was scared I was gonna leave her alone so i stayed.
Sometimes luck pops up randomely.

love you owen, no homo, well kinda homo, i mean n no no no homoooo

Any recommendations?

watch anime

“you are taking my sister to the restroom”
“uh huh”

at 3:20 he is just value scanning mode etc, even happens to him… shits hard and challenging

and this is a bad day for you!?? fantastic pull btw, honestly I love these hot seat vids.

first girl in shorts was fucking hot

No game at all from this guys they should come to me n i will give them pointers.

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hahahah i laughed so hard

check out tyler durden. he’s 5’7 ginger, pale, and picking up 6’ft models, dirty mo’fo.

Damn it, enough with Eastern Europe… Fucking creepy place, nothing done there can be representative of other places.

rofl james looks like Rick from The Walking Dead.

cool rocky intro music love that song

Fire this cameraman! Fire her god damn it. Chi gong that


this is fake they didnt even show the 8 minutes they skipped because its not real

James looks like Aragorn from lord of the rings.. not sure if real life

this is hard to watch lmao 

Bah, thew looks like two clown

i live in london around you man
would you need my help or to do some videos with you ?
Please Private message me if you’re interested brother

Went there. Done that. Best Summer…..EVER 2012!

this guys are fuck terrible…

you guys use the same gay script everytime it sucks

the bicep thing is immature as fuck, I hope someone punches you

You were in Hungary? damn, thats cool. I live here.

“i might have a waaaay bigger…. ” awkward silence “personality than him”

james marshall = rick grimes

It’s like sometimes, we just shoot ourselves on the foot because and it’s one of the problems also defined by sports psychologists. Just getting too confident and going for too much too soon. Of course, if you REALLY have to leave and that’s your only option go ahead and play roulette with your sarges but odds are if you don’t have a solid image, you’re going down

You know what? The interaction seemed to b flowing really well until he came up w/this “I gotta run I need your phone #” thing which abruptly killed the momentum he was building. It means sometimes you got the set in your hand you just have to dig a little deeper so you can have your opportunity but if you rush it and she doesn’t feel the confort she’ll make sure you don’t get anything. And it has been stressed enough by Mystery and others but we just don’t understand and go for directs anyway!

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