Rebecca Minkoff Fashion Week Boot Camp with The Man Repeller, Hilary Rhoda and Billy Farrell

Welcome to NYFW Bootcamp – where the fashionable become fierce. Do you have what it takes? Can you Tweet fast enough? Strut hard enough? Pose perfectly in th…
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LOVE IT!! you guys are hillarious!

You guys are seriously amazing!!!!! Love this video!!!

Ahahaha love it !! Yeah I’m ready ! ^^

Freakin Hilarious!!

Yes!! 🙂 Love this

So blogging this.

i haven’t get my trouser trimmed yet ….

Love Leandra!

So funny & so cool, I loved this!

LOL this is freakin awesome!!

They’re gas 😀 Love it!

The Man Repeller rocks!

you guys are the best !! love this 🙂

Leandra killz! Very cute Becky.xo

Bahaha, I laughed so hard at “The Terry” pose!

Hashtag: TotesAmaze (ps. getting my *&@#$ together as we speak! xx

i love you guys !!


Hashtag I can’t. Awesome!

How cool!



This is the most magical video I have ever seen.

Hahaha this is intense and I love it.

the pants ripped, for Rebecca’s sake I hope they aren’t from her namesake

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