Relationship problems…Men “suggesting” looks/styles for the women they supposedly love?

by marsmet531

Question by Dee: Relationship problems…Men “suggesting” looks/styles for the women they supposedly love?
So, I’m trying to date online. We talked on the phone for the past month, however, he hadn’t seen my pictures until now. I described what I looked like. Well, when he finally saw my photo everything was going good. Then, he said something about my dreadlocks. He said believed that dreadlocks were for kids and Jamaicans. Well, I laughed at that. Then, a little longer into the conversation, he continued to talk about my dreadlocks. He said I will look better with straight hair, curly hair, and cornrows(french braids). Now, mind you, these types of hair dos he find more attractive. Am I taking it the wrong way? He kept saying things like, “You will look better, finer, more beautiful. You will look fresh” and he kept asking me to do it for him. I got upset and still am a bit piss. To me, he TOTALLY dissed my style and the way I look. Ugh! I hope I’m not taking this out of hand.

And please, keep this about the question, not about internet dating. Yeah…I’m a bit paranoid because my mom keep on getting on my head about it. Thank you for answering the question.
What’s normal hair? I have NO problem finding me that like my hair.

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Answer by marco
most guy like a girl with regular hair like straiten or curly

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If he can’t learn to respect your own decision on how you want your body to look, he’s what I like to call a “rapidly-diminishing speck on the road,” because you should put him behind you and move forward.
Any man who can’t accept something like that isn’t going to accept other, more important, things as well. Like you needed another reason to refuse.
All in all, you are you, and if someone tries to change that, logic says they don’t love you the way you are.
Good luck.

Tell him to accept you as he found you. Take it or leave it. The criticism will not stop.

My bf said he’s “lucky” to get me and yet kept on criticising me. He suggested I change my hairstyle to look outstanding (I have simple shoulder length hair), told me to wear makeup (I only wear light coloured lipstick) told me to wear jewellery to beautify myself (I wear none), pointed out clothes that he would like me to wear. He will also point out girls that he find attractive when we’re out together. He goes on and on about how big thighs, big buttocks and big breasts are sexy (I have slim thighs,small buttocks & breasts)

When I did not make any changes to myself, he said how could you be happy being so simple. I told him to please accept me as I am, just like how I accept him as he is. He agreed to do so but the criticism kept on coming.

So finally, I told him to go get himself the woman of his dreams. I’ve had enough of his criticism which was so demoralising. I was beginning to feel lousy about myself, feeling that I lack something, feeling inferior.

When a woman is with her man, he should make her feel special.

i don’t think you’re over reacting. i too have dreads and if some guy doesn’t like him then forget him. dreads are hot and there and a lot of guys who like them. but some guys don’t. its all personal preference and i don’t think any one should “suggest” you change you’re style. but for most people dreadlocks is more than a fashion statement its a lifestyle. does he also tell girls they’d look better if they dropped a few pounds? its kinda the same thing. don’t try to change people.

in most cases people who choose dreadlocks are naturally interesting and extraordinary people so why would you want to look like every common girl with straight hair? nothin’ fun about that.
some people just need to be educated on the fun of dreads. lots of guys say they “like to have something to grab on to” whats better then dreads?? lol

stay strong. don’t let a guy influence you. you can do better!! visit they have dreadlock dating site too

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