Romance Lessons from Star Trek

Commander Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) teaches Ensign Crusher (Will Wheaton) how to seduce a woman.

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0:09 subtitle: Guinan, I want to get rid of the kid. Just play along with it.

@starlinej Guinan’s Game is just as strong a Riker’s. Awesome!

@AliceInWonderland85 – She was the only woman who could see through that. Also the only woman who ever actually loved him. lol

Riker should have used some of these lines on Deanna, they would have been together alot sooner!

LOL Wesley rolls his eyes, thinking, “This is SO over the top….”

That being said, I wonder what would happen if Bashir and Ezri would ever give this kind of “demonstration” to Jake Sisko….

I absolutely love the way he says “I dream of a galaxy where your eyes are the stars, and the universe worships the night.” *drools*

Love Whoopi Goldberg and Wil Wheaton! :)♥

@fadsforwhatever Yeah.. for everyone except Q.

Wesley is like, “Hey, what about me? Get your rocks off later, Riker!”

in the 24th Century, I wonder if more girls will be asking guys out by then

kirk wouldn’t be interested in guinan. Kirk don’t like old ladies. 🙂

Riker’s way hornier than Kirk ever was.

Which episode is it? Thanks people!

from what season is this episode of star trek tgn from

lol “Yes…Yes it would.” Yeah I’m pretty sure anything the Commander would say would definitely work like a charm on me…^^

Lol, i love Whoopi so much!:)

@kahlesstiberius thanks

rule 96783 in commander rikers book of chat up lines……now available in all good bookshops throughout the galaxy and now also at quarks bar

@weinmj …….. i think it was “hide and Q”!

shut up wesley

Guinan’s had centuries of flirting experience; I’d say Will is doing very well keeping up with her.

I love you Will!!!

anyone else agree that wesley’s hot!
What ep does he get stabbed in?

0_0 That Wesley guy’s hot!


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