Russell Peters – Beat Your Kids HQ

Russell Peters talks about beating your kids
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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this is sooooooo funny!!!

I laughed until bloody tears of joy flowed. 😀

This is the best Russel Peter video ever!!! Being Indian makes it more funny. I’d love to see this guy live

@NoKXMUZIK Lmao thats what i did my mom told me one time to go to my room and lock the door i laughed and went to my room and i locked my door started to play some video games listening to Metallica i think it was master of puppets or disposable heroes either way i played my video games lol

i love this guy

“i’ll phone childrens aid.”
“Is that right?”
“Well let me get you the phone tough guy.”


hes hilarious

haha,tru,lucky white kids man

I’m asian and it funny when he said it’d suck to have a chinese parent b/c they’d kungfu their kids.

lol that was so funny. I love his impressions.

poor white kid?! poor everyone else!!!

if i get rid of one, ill jus make another one!
and ill tell the new one what an idiot the last one was!


Lmao , im white and i thought it was stupid being sent to my room when i was little , its not really a punishment, you just go up to your room and play like fuckin video games or someting .

poor white kid : (

لعنة عليك من هندي خايس

yh u go say tht 2 ur perantz ini

the only high quality russel peters video on youtube

i love his dads jokes!


i swear to fucking god all you fuck ofs better stop posting this bull shit spam i mean come on dick fuck no matter how clinically fucked you are you must be able to figure out no one is funna kill youre family you pathetic turd fucker “some body gunna get a hut real bad!” fuckin reatard

i feel sorry for the white kid

In october 13th 0f 1991 a kid named Nick jumped up from a bridge ‘cus of family problems. If u already read this, u must copy this comment & post in another 5 more videos or he will come after your family all they will die, please do it . I’ve read it & posted

haha funny guy.

‘sombody gonna get hurt loool funny shit’

‘tell em to fuck off’

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