Sasha Daygame Invades Israel – Tel Aviv Pick Up

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The Long Weekend

Overworked? Undersexed? So is advertising executive Ed Waxman (Brendan Fehr) who has just 48 hours to think up a great new ad campaign—or be fired! Fortunately, his cool babe-magnet brother,…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Where the Tel Aviv pick up? I don’t see.

Hello everyone, Anyone in Germany(Bayern) wanna practice day game pickup?

I am an Israeli in my opinion it would be more difficult but it will go up
Videos here full of people need it

we hope there will be some tel aviv infield pick up videos!! 😀

Exploring your roots banging Israelis lol.Nice one Sasha.

hi sasha. ive seen you online and just today i found out you were coming to
israel and im soooo happy! love your approach and im definetely coming to
the talk! but one question though, does the talk on saturday cost extra
money? if so, do you know how much israeli shekels is that? thank you very
much peace from israel! ben

Don’t you think that complimenting the girls makes you look needy? I mean
the more you tell them they’re awesome, the more powerful they become and
soon they’ll think they’re too good for you. Nobody wants what he can have.

Tel Aviv rooocks! I really wanna visit that place

yyyaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1:20 Holy schmoly u look jacked here! And added with that long air you look
like freakin Tarzan! (no homo)

hi Sasha I live in Israel and i am so happy that you came here will you
post a video on aprroaching israelian girls?

Ah, have a great trip Sasha! I’m glad you finally decided to use “epic
speech” of yours. I still have it bookmarked to this day. <3 and good
wishes from scandinavia

תנו בלייק אם אתם ישראלים:)

are you ever coming to Dallas, Tx?

sash i luv u. i luv u more than yad. that means a lot. and i luv yad.

There’s not age restriction – I’m not taking ya’ll into night clubs….
anyone is welcome to my Tel Aviv events 🙂 …… COME TO ONE OF THE

Fuck you dirtbag! Go live there with your beloved ones than!

I love you sasha but you make yourself sound bad when you say “pickups a
bunch of bullshit and is just trying to sell you products but if you buy my
product it will keep you from buying their products” just saying. I too
perfer direct its faster and cuts alot of bullshit but it also lowers
success (espeically with hot women since theyre so used to it) and is a
hard frame to accept, but I love saying what i feel and I love you sasha (:

Will you come again sometime ? I started to be intrest in the pua … i`ll
be glad to meet you .

im from tel aviv to!!!!

If you date a girl youre gonna eventually tell her she looks good. most
guys are like you and wait a really long time. be different and say it
immediately. the fact that youre different means something. not how long it
takes you to tell her what youre thinking.

@Lud-Come one man,what ridiculous crap to say. It’s always a clown to point
out insignificant stuff in a video

Impressive last conversation. I will definitely try that.

i wish you pickup all israelian women and fak them in THE ASS

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