Secrets to Attract Women – Techniques to Create Chemistry With a Woman

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Secrets to Attract Women – Techniques to Create Chemistry With a Woman

You’ve got to have chemistry if you are going to make a woman really want to date you. You’ve heard that before, but do you really know what it means to create chemistry with a woman? Most guys are really focused on trying to get a woman in bed, but they are not as focused on building a sense of rapport with her, and that will end up being a shortfall.

After all, if the chemistry IS there, then getting her in bed will not be that difficult, will it? So, being able to connect with a woman and make that connection feel REAL is important. Neglecting that aspect will pretty much send you into rejection land faster than you can imagine.

Here are some techniques that you can use to create chemistry with a woman:

1. Share a story with her.

Women LOVE to hear stories, it’s why they buy magazines so often, why they gossip with each other, and why they even buy those trashy romance novels that you see in bookstores. Sharing (not just telling) a story with her will help to really make her feel that connection with you. Put some life into the story, inject some emotion, and you can have her captivated and hanging on every word that you say.

2. Look directly in her eyes.

Now, you do have to be careful with this one. I’ve seen guys do this the wrong way, and the effects are not that good. See, if you look directly into her eyes in a warm and natural way, then she WILL feel chemistry and connected to you. However, if you look directly into her eyes and you hang on too long or you have no emotion on your face…you end up looking like a scary guy. And most women are weary of a man like that.

3. Use kino whenever you can to build attraction with her.

Kino is really just a clever way to say touch. You want to touch her, although it cannot be a weird kind of touch. So, while you are doing something like sharing a story with her, lightly tap her on the shoulder, touch her on the knee, do something to initiate some physical contact with a woman. The more physical contact that you share with her, the stronger the chemistry is going to feel, and that will make her feel like she is really ATTRACTED to YOU.

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