Seven Steps to the Perfect Approach Part 1 – Direct PUA Tips by Sasha Daygame

Week one from my series “The 7 steps to the perfect approach!” … for the rest of the video’s, you’ll have to join my mailing list at!

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i fucking hate weak and failed comedians. painful 

People are trying to get happier with Pickup but if you’re already happy
you don’t need Pickup anymore.

keep the vids up man

Im not sacred of getting my ass kicked anymore you gave me the confidence
to talk with super sexy girls!! You are my teacher now and I promise myself
that I’ll be best student… I really love you 😀

I am going to buy a snap back today and when I go to the counter im a pull
out some cents and be like will this pay for it. He will be like no. Then
im a look left and right and whisper dude cmon help a brother out. haha

Let’s get it out there. I’m so envious of my brother currently. He’s
actually been alone for a long time. By some fluke, he’s got a model to
love him in weeks. How can that be thinkable? He said to me he used the
Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone gorgeous told me they loved
me… I’ve not before seen him so content. Kind of makes me feel bad.

im not saying in any way that they copied from eachother, im just saying if
simplepickup have that many views, there’s no reason sasha videos dont

Hi Sasha, excelent video. Guys from all over the world are focusing on the
Direct. But many of us don’t understand a good conversation in English very
well. If you have some time, could you start to put subtitles on your
videos? Thanks!

nice jacket

Sasha you’re awesome you better come to Brussels this Sunday man lookin
forward to blazin that city!

I was wore a cap at a bar and a group of girls took it and were taking
pictures with me. they saw me talking with a hot blond first so i used them
to get her number. My friends didn’t understand and the girls still didn’t
want to give my cap back once i exchanged numbers with the other girl, and
they were all going to another bar with me but the girl who liked me tried
to make me jealous by talking to another so i moved on. 10 minutes later
the guy was at the bar without the girls ; )

Hi sasha how are you Good i hope =) You know i like some of your ideas But
getting sex isn’t the most important thing in life You said you wanted to
make people laugh and make them happy … man that is great But whats
better is fixing peoples lives .. in everyway you can I hope you accept
what i had to say.. And dont say the word “fuck” these words dont suite you
You’re more like a gentleman You’re gonna be loved more around the world
like that.. so why not ? Take care my good brother

This is some good stuff.

You strike me as “slow in the head”. Good god, they’re not any faster in
the States or Canada than in Europa. Human-made lines that seperate one
country for another does not make brains smarter depending on what country
you come from.

Week 2!

Wait…I thought it was “super secret content”??? I watched this like 2
weeks ago..

Sasha is correct and I have the same frame as he does but hes 30X more
experienced at it. Im just having fun trying to make the people smile and
give hapiness to people. Every people I met no matter how awkward I got
smiled and enjoyed their time with me and i leave happy and come home happy
knowing i made peoples day funner.

Hes preety spot on, but theres just one very wise word hes missing that can
really flip your attitude. And try to make jokes to others to make yourself
laugh too, adds onto my ego

sasha rules……

Great stuff, but what would you say in response to the phrase “You’re

so much better with snowflakes

XD I love you Shasha

find it a lot harder to meet cool guys, cool girls are everywhere

new best PUA master!!!

Thanks Sasha, feels like your one of the only PUA’s for non-tools. Some
people take this shit way too technical and serious and its not really
helpful for people. Keep up the good work and thanks for making it fun, I
insist that everything I do is fun.

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