Sex Addict!! Help?

by binkle_28

Question by Derrick: Sex Addict!! Help?
I am a sex addict. I constantly think of sex 24/7.I check out women all the time.i masturbate and watch porn almost every single day (seriously). I’ve been with 3 prostitutes and 2 happy ending massages.Every time i have money I’m always thinking of picking up a call-girl which is sad bcuz I don’t make that much money.Even worst is that I’m in a long distance/serious relationship (we’ve been together for about 3 going to be 4 years) Which I dont plan on telling her about my promiscuity.
The reason i see prostitutes is because I only do it for the sex.
I’m 23yrs and chose not to pick up girls”the normal way”bcuz I have no interest in any other love and/or relationship other than w/ my girlfriend now. So I strictly have sex with prostitutes 4 literally the sex only.I really wanna change my habits but it is so hard not to think about sex with women.
I need help changing my lifestyle.

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Answer by nirvana
Maybe you should see a psychologist. Seriously. Maybe they could tell you why you do that and maybe they can help you stop. I feel really sorry for your girlfriend though. I hope you can stop for her sake.

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There are many people that suffer from sex addiction today. You’re best bet would be to talk to someone about your problem. Don’t worry about paying the bill, most communities offer free counseling programs for all sorts of problems and most places won’t turn you down if you have a problem.

go see a doctor

then a psychologist

this is a problem and i hope you gf dumps you.

There is really only one way to change this bodily conception of life. You are extremely addicted to illusion (a false Concepcion ) you are not this body or mind or senses. Yet you really think you are. To change a bad habit or addiction one has to understand that the habit is giving them more pain than pleasure. I don’t think you are there yet. You will probably have to have something very bad happen to you before you decide you are suffering from your addiction. Like maybe your girlfriend finding out and you loose her or you get some terrible venereal diseases or God I hope it doesn’t’ have to be aids. But the thing is you live a sick life. Not criticizing. Just saying you are not well you live a lie and disrespect and exploit women (Including your girlfriend by deceiving her) and your own body. Until you get higher realizations you may never change. But if you are going to you had better do it soon. That addiction is hard to stop the older you get. The thing is you will become less intelligent soon because ejaculating takes away the blood from the brain needed to nourish the cells. It is written in Ayurveda. I suggest reading Bhagavad Gita as it is By BHaktivedanta Prabhupada, so you can understand the soul beyond this material temporary body. You can read it on line go to Get well soon.

There are many good programs for treating sexual
addictions. One is
Hope this helps.

Look in the phone book under Alcoholics Anonymous.
Call the number and ask them to refer you to a Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) meeting.
It’s free,confidential and it works.
Good on you for recognizing the problem.
Good luck

u don’t need to do anything . just get busy from top to toe in something else which is enjoyable too. This would distract ur mind to think about women. or tell ur best friend about this and ask him for his help. Try to share someone’s(of course not a call-girl ) company almost every time. listen to ur fav music. Tell ur gf about this ( not all at a time). if she really loves u she would get to u, sooner or later. This all would take time.
And how could even expect her to be faithful towards u when u are not.Be a true man and if u dont do anything then i would say only one thing that I HAVE THE BULLET, IF U HAVE THE GUN!

See a psychiatrist, and get a proscription. Benzodiazepines are an
anti-anxiety drug, but they can also reduce such excess desires.

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