Should I believe my husband, or the “other woman”?

Question by this_is_it: Should I believe my husband, or the “other woman”?
My husband was (maybe, maybe not) talking to this chick at his job, he had called a number and when he didn’t come home from work I called it to see if he was there. To my surprise a chick answered and just started off saying all this crap that he’s been talking to her and stuff. So on facebook she befriended him and I got on there and accepted it seeing what she would say when I said “thanks for telling my wife that stuff” and she was saying, “wife? since when? All I did was tell the truth, so don’t be pointing fingers and saying thanks to me like that”. My husband says he doesn’t even really know her but, why would she lie randomly? She’s young, and I was thinking maybe she’s psychotic and likes him or something…I don’t really know. She said she took him home a few times and picked him up for a concert. Friends of hers and my husbands know where we live and maybe they told her, or maybe my husbands an effing liar. I don’t know who to believe… and then today she got him in trouble at work saying he said all this stuff to her on facebook and she doesn’t want to work with him any more.
Well yeah I she isn’t a woman obviously, and considering her age I call her a chick. Funny, my 67 year old grandma says chick.

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Answer by choko_canyon
Ok, thanks for that massive adolescent social network hell-story.

Did you have a question of some kind, or would you like to wait and ask it when you turn 14?

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the other women

So she is young? Sounds like you are all young, like a bunch of kids fighting in the sandbox. When I read stuff like this, I have to ask, “How can anyone be so stupid as to marry so young and to marry someone who is so immature?” Since you called this other woman a ‘chick,’ my guess is that you are very young. Your husband is lying, and you know it. You have to decide if you want to stay with this little boy, or get a life elsewhere.

don’t give either one of them the benefit of the doubt, men cheat and women are liars at times. But what’s somethign you see more often, a man cheating on his wife or a woman lying about a man cheating on his wife? Why would this woman pick him up from a concert? aren’t you his wife? doesnt he have friends? why did he contact this female out of all the people he knows? BECAUSE HE’S SLEEPING WITH HER! one thing about a woman, if she’s sleeping with YOUR man she’s gonna tell you & 99% of the time it’s true. check his facebook messages, check his text messages, gather all the info you can , I’m not saying he’s a liar but 99% of the time it’s the man.

She thought u were ur husband on FB and said that stuff and u some how thinks she’s lying?

Come on don’t be so naïve

you women always stick together stupid
u should have been believed a women over a man.
We guys do anything 2 get inside ur panties and then leave u.
If we want u were always there.
And we stalk those we really care about.
And if u r still asking questions af far as to believe
just figure out the answers by how long it takes
him to respond and be ancious to hear all the rest of your questions lol

The other woman is telling you the truth. He only wants you to think she crazy.
That is want my ex said about this babe he was seeing.

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