Should men wear wellies?

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Question by Sambe: Should men wear wellies?
With the typical UK weather it is normally wet. Now wanting to be more outdoors I was looking to get some wellies as I feel they are the best way to keep your feet dry. I am a kean Gardener and do this weekly. The only thing is I never see men wearing wellies so don’t want to stand out. Should i get some?

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Yeah i don’t see anything weird in a man wearing one.
something like that would look really nice! plus its in black so u can wear it with a lot of clothes.,B002SNBBJQ,B00193I798,B002YA62GK,B003CC2OES,B0039ZAGFM,B001J66YM2,B002DKRI9Q,B000X26TJ6,B004D32NF0,B004CFZUO0,B00193GFH4,B00420F1QW,B002DKLS24,B001J68Y6Q,B000X26VZS,B004I8LKLI,B000X236CY,B00420M0RA,B004FZZOFM,B000W9G5K8,B003SGBRTQ,B003NJTZGA,B004I8LKWM

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Of course men should wear wellingtons if they want.

I’m male and I wear mine when I garden and go for walks across muddy fields. Although women have turned wellies into fashion items latterly, the boots have manly, military origins. They are, after all, named after the Duke of Wellington, the British general who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. Production of wellington boots was dramatically boosted with the advent of World War I to satisfy the need for footwear suitable for the conditions in Europe’s flooded trenches. The North British Rubber Company (now Hunter Boot Ltd) was asked by the War Office to construct a boot suitable for such conditions. The mills ran day and night to produce immense quantities of these trench boots. In total, 1,185,036 pairs were made to meet the British Army’s demands.

You can still see men in modern times wearing wellingtons when their jobs involve working in muddy conditions. Farmers, I believe, get a tax allowance when purchasing wellington boots because of the nature of their work. Male members of the British royal family often don rubber wellington boots when they are pursuing country activities. The sodden fields of Glastonbury and other festival sites have led to the adoption of wellingtons as the footwear of choice there by men as well as women.

However, nowadays, women have a much better choice of wellington boot styles than men do. A typical retail outlet will have several different types of hand-made patterned rubber wellingtons in women’s sizes (up to UK 8), a similar choice in children’s wellingtons, but often just one style of wellington boot for men, moulded in plain green or black polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a less expensive, flexible and durable material than natural rubber. Some merchants claim that their men’s wellies are made of rubber when they are actually manufactured from cheaper PVC. Unlike moulded PVC boots, rubber wellies tend to have straps at the side and to be “calendered”, made by gluing thin pieces of rubber together over a last, which gives the footwear greater flexibility, so important when gardening or striding across fields.

If you choose to buy a pair of wellingtons, be prepared to pay a little extra to get yourself a better-quality pair made from natural rubber, which will last longer, flex with your feet and legs and feel comfortable. Unisex Hunter boots may cost as much as £60 or more but they do come in men’s sizes (typically up to 12) and in manly colours such as navy blue, green and black. You can also get a pair of men’s calendered rubber wellingtons for around £15, for example

which I’ve worn for gardening and for walking.

Finally, on the point you make about men standing out when they wear something different from their peers, don’t worry about everybody else. The older I get, the more I choose clothing to suit myself, not other people. If you wear wellington boots in muddy conditions and nobody else is, you’re the one being sensible and everybody else may be just conforming to some unwritten – and macho – dress code. Only male teenagers with low self-esteem worry about their image in the eyes of others. Be a little bit bolder and assert your individuality!

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