Sports Jacket Fabric Overview – Tweeds – Glen Check – Hopsack – Houndstooth – A Tailored Suit Click this link for a FREE 47 page eBook on men’s style and fashion. Sports Jacket Fabrics – a small selection of…

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@B0o0o0gieMan Thank you sir!

Excellent video and very informative. Thanks for the information.

@HazardousSmoker Thank you – I appreciate it!

plz consider making your more detailed video’s HD

Excellent video 🙂 Antonio, there’s a fabric called “cashmere coarsehair”
by loro piana, i have a sportcoat made of this material & only paid around
$200 max for it, it’s made by nordstroms.. I don’t know if you could ask
for this fabric but believe me when i tell you is 1 of the most amazing
fabrics i ever felt 🙂

@avenancius Thanks for the tip sir!

Great Video

this is a great video, people need to be more appreciative than making all
these demands. 360p is perfectly fine.

@14skillz We’ve been making them all HD now!

@subdrvr A good question! Yes, a tanned bald head will work well with much
the same colors as a sandy blonde.

Am I to assume that fabrics that go well with sandy or blonde hair would do
well with my bald head? I tan easily and often have a natural bronze tone
but still my very short hair is light colored.

@MrKicks2010 Thanks – I’ve been doing a better job of making sure the vids
are HD!

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