Straight From The Horse’s Mouth LIVE! “An Annihilation”

Ask me questions for next week in the comments below or on twitter! // @nastythehorse An Annihilation Video: http://www….

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Youre so random man, they call you nastyy!!!

Horse why are you such a badass ?

More videos of you torchering your balls!

How do u do this stuff???!!!??!!??

tourettes guy?

You are not a ginger, you are Horse. If they don’t like it, they can go f#@$&^/ f [email protected]& them [email protected]#$/^ selves.

Kwhat was going though your mind when u were tapered beyond limits?

HORSE!!…., how did you figure out your talent of balls of steal? what made you want to make a career out of your talent?
btw sweet videos.. ima big fan!

Dude, how can i get balls of steel?

You’re not fat

im here :D

-HORSE- Have you thought about having another contest if soo what kind???

Are you going to make a montage of the year in the eyes of horse for 2013???

Any Chance of doing American Ninja Warrior again?

Why didn’t you guys do a test with the taser first but on something like the ground or fence???

Dude. You are the new Ryan Dunn.

What was the worst pain you ever felt?

That taser in the end looked so painful and either with pepper spray it’s insane.

How did the taser feel..??
Love your vids!

Your the best man!

what was the worst nutshot you have ever experienced

Ever considered a collaboration with the guys from Jackass?

If you actually busted a nut do you think you would stop making videos or doing nut shots?

have you ever thought of becoming a prankster? maybe between recovery times?

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