Straight men in Fashion…?

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by Carol Browne

Question by So Cool: Straight men in Fashion…?
There are alot of straight men who like fashion, and alot IN fashion like Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta. Do straight men also casually read things like Vogue and such? One of the main staffers in the September Issue film (Charlie Churchwood) seemed extremley 200% straight, and a couple of the other staff members, but it seems as if people only credit the men to being gay that read it or work for a magazine like that.

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Answer by Ryan
It’s mostly gay men who work in fashion .. All of those men you see on the American Eagle and Hollister posters are gay …..

Yes, some straight men do read Vogue.

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they are no straight people in fashion
there all 101% gay

like yourself obviously

Yeah sure. Sexuality has nothing to do with it. Yeah some sometimes men are more feminine but also some women are masculine but it doesn’t mean they are homosexual. It just depends on what you like. The media makes “gay” men almost an insult. I know tons of them- you would hardly believe they’re “gay” because of the stereotypical idea of them.

I, personally am happy to see a change in fashion for the better.

Going through downtown Baltimore the other day, I saw a lot of guys wearing Hollister, A&F, etc.

The races ranged from whites-blacks-latinos-asians (basically, everyone)

And I mention race because 10-15 yrs ago, fashion trends were typically arranged by race. (Ie: blacks liked the gangsta look, whites like the conservative look, etc.

*Not generalizing the above, btw

I have a very straight guy friend who will think nothing of picking up my Vogue when he sees it.
He thinks the pics in it are awesome, that’s all.
I don’t think that he’d actually ever go out and buy one or subscribe, and I’m not sure if that actually even qualifies as “reading Vogue” – lol!

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