Stressed Out in Your Business or Career? Tips to Relieve Pressure in Making a Sale

by juco

Stressed Out in Your Business or Career? Tips to Relieve Pressure in Making a Sale

The good news is you are not alone. We have all had days where nothing seems to go the way we want. The deadline is approaching and your computer crashes, or every phone call you make turns out to be a dead end; days where you can not seem to get out from behind the eight ball and the only thing you have accomplished is raising your stress level.

We all deal with stress in different ways. Some of us internalize it and deal with headaches or stiff shoulders. Others may deal with it by throwing a few back when they get home. Still others may snap at their wife or children. If you have any or all of these symptoms, you have to find ways to get rid of the stress.

First off, laugh. No, really. Laughing is quite good for you. Medical research has revealed that this simple act will decrease your blood pressure and heart rate. It also not only increases oxygen in the blood, but also creates an enzyme that helps protect your stomach from the effects of stress. Give this a thought; It has been shown that the average child in America laughs about 400 times a day where an American adult will only do the same about 15 times day. So thats why kids seem so much more Zen then we do! Makes sense, doesnt it?

If you cant find anything funny about your situation, give a friend a call, but make sure it is the friend that will make you laugh, not the one who will tell you how much worse their life is thank yours.

If laughing doesnt work, try taking a power nap of about twenty minutes. This will workout great in your car during lunch. If you decide to do this in your office, make sure you close and lock the door. Chances are if your boss caught you sleeping, your stress level would go up. Be sure to only sleep for about twenty minutes. It has been shown that more than that will only serve to make us tired.

You may need to change what you are doing. Repetitive tasks can raise you stress levels, especially if you feel like you are just spinning your wheels like making sales calls when nobody is buying.

If you have been stuck behind a desk in a stuffy office all day, go outside and take a walk. Not only will you get some much needed fresh air and sunshine, you will get exercise too, which is always a good thing.

If at all possible, work on another, less daunting task for about 30 minutes or an hour to give your mind a break.

The old proverb dont put all your eggs in one basket is still good advise. One of the more stressful sales situations you will find yourself in is when you are counting on other people who dont come thru. Always have a back up plan so you can change the subject from Joe the Warehouse Guy not pulling the right product last time an order was placed.

Dont forget though, stress can be a good motivator as well. You will learn to think of ways to make the sale that you may not have thought of before. It can also ensure you do not become to be, soft in the middle. with Leon Edward brings Best of Web Self Improvement News Daily, Articles, Blog, Free Newsletter, Training to Improve in Goal Setting, Memory, Time Management, IQ, Public Speaking, Success, Leadership, Stress Management, Self-Help Rolodex plus provides FREE Content

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