Style Minute | Ep 031 | Remove Label From Suit Coat Sleeves

Craig Stokes reminds viewers to remove the little brand label/tag from the sleeves of suit coats and blazers. This tag is often left on the coats for two rea…
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@TheZer0Enigmao A suit coat is typically meant to be worn with dress pants
while a blazer can sometimes be more casual. Blazers can be worn with dress
pants, jeans, khakis or chinos, etc. I would only wear a suit coat with
dress pants.

I prefer to leave it on, it’s easier to return it after the
funeral/wedding/interview when the tag is still on

I had no idea you were supposed to remove it. I don’t really own any suits,
but my father does, and he keeps them on.

Thanks for the insight!

no when shipping many suits its easy to id the suit

@purin172003 Hey, glad to help. Thanks for watching!

@TheZer0Enigmao Yes, there are different styles and different cuts of
suits. Each style of suit is meant to fit differently. For example,
athletic cut suits are typically worn by men who have wide shoulders or
chests and smaller waists. There are classic cut, slim cut, modern fit, and
the list goes on and on. Department stores usually carry a good mix of
styles while stores like Express usually have just one main style that they

can i make you a question? its there different styles of suit i mean like
in the jeans like straigh or someting like that please answer me

Why dont the dumbasses put the label on the inside or is this a marketing
ploy so you dont return it??

thank you, this info was very helpful to me

that guy needs to cut his nails

And whats the difference about a blazer and a suit its the style or what?

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