Suit Jacket

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This video shares some tips to a better fitting jacket.
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Thank you sir it did help

Oh, I haven’t purchased or ordered any at the moment. I was just trying a
few OTR jackets at the mall, and some are too large and roomy while others
made me feel a little bit uncomfortable and restricted (same sizes but
different brands and different cut). I think it would be very, very much
useful if you could come up with a video on what type of hand movements
should a suit jacket allow. thank you!

Thanks Dan, Ok I will get on the case. Yes you will get different cuts with
brands. Maybe if you can send me some pictures I can help a little more?

Gday Dan, Without seeing you it is hard to judge. Everything is slim fit at
the moment so you may feel a little restricted. If someone can check under
the arm pit and see if they can grab an ince off fabric. Stretching the
hands out we call the Zombie. You dont walk around like that so that is a
false check. The jacket shoulder should sit nicely over your shoulders. I
hope that helps. If you want to pop in or send me a picture on our FB page,
happy to help you.

i’m wondering how much room/space should I have for arms especially from
the elbow up to the armpit? I mean should I feel a little bit ‘restricted’
when wearing a jacket, or should I be able to stretch my hands to the front
or raise my hands up without feeling like the suit is pushing my shoulder?

Great, any other tips you may require?

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