suit jacket: y not button the bottom button?

Question by Steve: suit jacket: y not button the bottom button?
what is the reason behind not buttoning the bottom boton on a suit jacket. why did it start?

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Answer by Bethany Paisley
well i never heard that. its the top button with me and my friends. i have no idea why it started sorry.

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It just looks better. Suit jackets are tailored with the assumption that you will leave the bottom button open, which makes sense because unless you have quite the pot belly, the hips are generally broader than the waist. If you button all buttons of a suit, it has a more cylindrical shape which doesn’t suit the body and therefore looks awkward. And of course, it would make even less sense to button the bottom button(s) and not the top, because not only are you making the jacket tighter in wider areas and looser in narrower areas of your body, it’s just going to bulge out weirdly and it will look like your suit doesn’t fit.

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