Suit or blazer, which is best ?

Question by trg: Suit or blazer, which is best ?

I am attending a business meeting overseas, I got instruction to buy suit for meeting. my question is as under:

1) what is the main difference between blazer and suit ?

2) Can i choose Blazer instead of Suit for my Business meeting, if yes, which Type ?

3) Is the Suit jacket can be wear on Jeans ??

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Answer by Sammi
1. The biggest difference is that the suit comes with a matching pants and blazers do not. In modern days, the blazer is used to match with any kind of clothes such as jeans, t-shirts and what not. Blazers are more stylish in sense of normal outfit. Suit is definitely a better choice while going to a business meeting or an interview.

2. You can definitely choose blazer over your suit, but it is kind of hard to find the matching pants. Suits are much better since they always come in pair plus the price is already set. Whether you choose blazer or suits, try to go with slim fit or something tight, so it looks better on you.

3. Suit jacket can be wear with jeans, of course, make sure to match the colors like dark and dark colors or similar. When jeans are worn, it has a connotation of “not dressing up”, but if you wear a taper or khaki then you will look good.

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1) A blazer is just a jacket and can be used to dress up for semi casual events, they’re great with a pair of nice jeans and a button up shirt or a good sweater. A suit is a full outfit with slacks, a button up shirt, a tie and a suit jacket. It is more formal.
2) It depends on your business, if it’s a business casual sort of office wear the blazer with a nice outfit. But if you’re working for a big company and this is an important meeting and your boss told you to get a suit, get a suit. If you do go with the blazer it’s probably best to go with a regular fit in either black or navy blue.
3) Again it can be but maybe not for work.


for business meeting suit is best

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