suit or jacket?

suit jacket
by Fuschia Foot

Question by yday: suit or jacket?
Hi guys. I bought a men’s jacket at Banana Republic. It was listed as a blazer. But, it is a 3 button coat. It also has a button hole on the lapel. Can I use it on casuals and jeans. Please advise.
Can you use suit jackets on casual wear like sport coats.
thanks for the response guys.
bottomline, can you wear a jacket intended for a suit with casual clothing.

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Answer by emmjaykatie
with jeans?? yes.
its become a fashion statement somehow..

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DEFINITELY NOT!!! I would NEVER wear a nice jacket with jeans!!! Mom would KILL me!!!

oh sure looks more beautiful with jeans, I prefer that style

yes a blazer/sports coat can be worn with jeans & casual trousers I like the poloneck jumpers on men in sportcoats

Many blazers have 3 buttons. What color is it? I’ve had blazers in navy blue, camel tan, burgundy and black. I wear pants that contrast, e.g. pale grey with navy blue, medium to dark brown with camel tan, navy blue or black with burgundy and grey or tan with black. Jeans are much too casual to wear with blazers. One can wear suit jackets as sports jackets, but they don’t often look right. They are too dressy. You said nothing about shirts and ties.

well with a blazer u can dress it up dress it down according to ur needs. for casual wear pair it up with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. this look is very popular nowadays. for a formal event u can wear it with formal pants and a shirt.

Tip: for a three button blazer always button up the top button and leave the other two buttons open.

With Jeans … You’ll look like some HollyWood Young Star.
Go for it dude.

It really depends on the occasion, but yes, u can ware the jacket whit jeans. Just be careful to were the jacket to functions in the daytime.

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