PUA In-Field – So You Wanna AMOG?

Learn more: http://squattincassanova.blogspot.com/ Nothing much to say. While I wouldn’t say you should attempt to purposefully AMOG other people’s set. Some… Video Rating: 3 / 5

Juggler Method AMOG http://www.charismaarts.com/

Visit www.charismaarts.com This is a less memory intensive version of what’s already out there

Live PUA Drill on AMOG Tactics and Handling a Cockblock

www.abcsofattraction.com MUST READ: The Short & Small of Getting Cockblocked & AMOGGED theasianplayboy.blogspot.com WHAT: “King of the Hill” is a PUA (pick up artist) drill that can be played safely at home with your wingmen and female friends. Test both your AMOG Defense and AMOG Offense in the face of increasingly more difficult cockblocks, douchebags, […]