FRIEND ZONED! | You Got Game (How NOT to Pick up a Girl on Xbox)

You Got Game is a series of the convos i have with people on xbox live & the BAD pick up lines i hear. If you enjoy leave a LIKE! Make sure to join the #HeartAttackArmy So you dont miss out…

I Like Women | You Got Game (How NOT to pick up Girls on Xbox Live)

You Got Game is the funny convos i have online with people & the BAD pick up lines they try to use one me. If you enjoy SMACK that LIKE button! Make sure to Join the #HeartAttackArmy so you…

Don't tweet during “Breaking Bad”

Don't tweet during “Breaking Bad” Play it smart and you'll reinforce your brand on Twitter and might even attract a few unsuspecting followers. However, in keeping with much of the research on multitasking in general, you … You (and understand when I say “you,” I mean “we”) may have … Read more on Salon Sexual […]

Where NOT To Pick Up Girls!

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Pick Up Lines to Use in a Bar | The Don Diebel How to Meet, Date …

Posted by Don Diebel | Wednesday, April 06, 2011 | Pick Up Lines | 0 comments ». A very common one-liner to start a conversation with a woman in a bar or a dancing is: “Don’t I know you from somewhere? You seem familiar…”.

is this technically tricking him into getting pregnant? i know it sounds bad..?

Question by Kelly: is this technically tricking him into getting pregnant? i know it sounds bad..? okay, heres the deal. my husband is uncertain if now is the right time.. i want a baby. my husband did give me the okay to go off the pill, and he knows what happens when one goes off […]