HOB enters the world of Chatroulette to try and put the pick up moves on some girls! Trollarch Director ▻HurderofBuffalo – http://www.youtube.com/hurderofbuf…

Guy tries to pickup girl on chatroulette

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Attract Girls Chatroulette – Pick Up Women Real Easy

… read a certain book it found my attention that modern pickup theory – yes there is such a Attract Girls Chatroulette theory nowadays – has overlooked the elusive obvious: what everyday people do in order to seduce women .

Chatroulette Prank Extravaganza!

NEW Ian is Bored: bit.ly I decide to try out Chatroulette and see just how bad it really is, with the help of Anthony! smoshpit.com http twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com facebook.com myspace.com Some tags you can ignore: chat roulette improv prank piano i saw lots of penis celebrity hair stealers chat roulette sky mall magazine ian’s […]