Why doesnt the catholic church open up the priesthood to married men?

by John Pozadzides Question by GI Joe: Why doesnt the catholic church open up the priesthood to married men? Enough of the whole celibacy thing. That has gone on long enough and is so irrelevant. They could rebuild the church and gain more followers if they enter the 21st century and allow the priests to […]

The Glamorous S*x Guru Who Claims She Can Teach Men How to …

According to glamour girl turned dating expert Kezia Noble, she can teach any man how to trick a woman into bed. What's more, she doesn't see anything unsisterly in sharing her seduction technique. Nor does she feel she's ..

Attract Women Church

Attract Women Church after this point you need to slowly equal the conversation ratio in order that it winds up at pick up lines kilig tumblr 50% to 50% when you progress from qualification. 5. Speak Up

‘The Office’ recap: Church Lady

‘The Office’ recap: Church Lady Everything goes awry at Baby Halpert’s christening Read more on Entertainment Weekly How to get in the sports’ section Every year it is time for a friendly answer to the question, “How do I submit a story on my son or daughter’s youth sports team?” The answer is easy, you […]

Funny Church Signs

A few nice funny images I found: Funny Church Signs Image by au_tiger01 SNL was actually funny for a few seconds Image by Brother O’Mara Funny Monsters (Topps 1959) Image by Thomas Duchnicki

Possibly Maybe-bjork-live at the riverside church

live at the riverside church.bjork

First Church of the Last Laugh – St. Stupid’s Day

A few nice laugh images I found: First Church of the Last Laugh – St. Stupid’s Day Image by Steve Rhodes www.saintstupid.com I just had my treo this year. Scott has better photos as well as eddie’s video laughingsquid.com/st-stupids-day-parade-photos-2/ And another video from last year with Bishop Joey giving some history www.weirdamerica.com/2007/03/29/weird-america-the-first-c… I have better […]

Ricky Smiley – I’m In Church

www.rickysmileymorningshow.com Video Rating: 5 / 5

Why The Church Lied ?

by jainaj Why The Church Lied ? (Muslims who read this are reminded when a prophets name is mentioned below please repeat S.A.W, thanks) Why The Church & Popes’s Lied !!! By: Rassool Auckbaraullee CHRISTIANITY IS IT POLYTHEIST OR MONOTHEIST Christians and Cotholics alike, have you been to a Church and feel that it feels more […]

Mr bean church on sunday

Mr bean goes to church and has a laugh (really good)