How to Pick Up Cougars ( Sexy Older Women )

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Pick up your trash cougars!!

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Cougars Gone Wild – Get Their Number

This is what happens when 4 fellow cougars go wild on campus, and one unlucky asian guy getting slapped. We love watching YouTube videos on pick-ups, using w…

Things Cougars Do When They Get Drunk By KarenLee Poter (LoveEncore)

Before I tell you what this video is about, click here: to subscribe to my channel. My channel has awesome videos about subjects that most people are… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Cougars: Ep#2 – Cougar Rules

Renee and Bobby have a heart to heart after he walked in on her and one of his friends. Later, the Cougars break down the “rules of the game.” Video Rating: 4 / 5

Cougars: Ep#9 – The Stallion

The final test for this Cougar-in-training is “The Stallion”…a young stud with a BIG reputation. Watch now at: Or buy the DVD or wherever DVDs are sold. How far would you go to get the person of your dreams? In EATING OUT 1, a straight guy pretends to be gay to get the […]

Pick Up Older Women – How to Seduce Older Women and Cougars

by Pick Up Older Women – How to Seduce Older Women and Cougars Check out this site and learn how to pick up older women anywhere with ease.It’s not difficult to pick up older women, you just need to know a few secrets taught by seduction experts that are regularly able to pick up […]

Cougars: Ep#7 – Cougar Obsession

Things get heated when one of Bobby’s friends show up at the house hoping to seduce Renee. Video Rating: 4 / 5 In roop ki rani choron ka raja, smoking hot sridevi in a transparent saree and sleeveless blouse dancing sexily to seduce anil kapoor. she gets drenched in rain. later he enjoys every […]

That Sucks: Cougars, Creeps, and Apple Geeks

What could be worse than dating a vegan chick who’s about to collapse under her own animal-free power? Being sent to pick up stuff for your girls lady bits, without explicit instructions. comments please…lol… Video Rating: 4 / 5