Craig and Walton’s Top Tips on How to Pick up Chicks

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Craig: I-70 rail option: It’s time

Craig: I-70 rail option: It’s time Everyone hates driving on I-70. Though delightfully scenic for a major Interstate, the drive to and from Denver is so regularly clogged with traffic that it can often take upwards of three hours each way. For those of us who live in Summit County, we are fortunate to generally […]

The Laws Of Approaching Women | HOW TO ATTRACT A WOMAN …

David DeAngelo's friend Craig is an expert on teaching men how to attract beautiful women and has developed a guide to picking up women which is a comprehensive teaching of the best way to pick up women . You will learn the best places to meet ..

Allen and Craig Show: Ep 5

The episode that was removed Video Rating: 4 / 5 Gag real from the tv show Firefly.

The Allen and Craig Show: Episode 8 Part 1

When Allen converts into a Jehovah’s Witness to pick up a girl he is afraid Craig will become even more lame without him around, so he gets a friend from school to look after him. Starring: Allen Murphy Craig Deering Guest Starring: Veronica Zikmund Lars Heemskerk Also an Appearance by: Jessie Sherwin Edited By- Craig […]

Craig Baldo, Comedy Below Canal: 50 Best Jokes

Some cool joke images: Craig Baldo, Comedy Below Canal: 50 Best Jokes Image by 92YTribeca Fifty of the funniest comedians in NYC gather at Comedy Below Canal to tell the very best piece of material that they have in their acts. Every comedian will be bringing their A++ game to the table for one epic […]

More Good Openers To Pick Up Women Watch dating guru David DeAngelo’s friend Craig who specializes in dating advice for men explain more good openers to pick…

Scarlett Johansson @ Craig Ferguson – Awkward Pause

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