The Peacock Courtship Dance- a video of a peacock displaying and dancing

Indian Peafowl displaying his train during the peafowl breeding season. Indeed, its sole purpose is to attract a mate. Seeing a peahen approaching, the peaco…

The Extravagant Peacock Dancing

Peacocks are the extravagant and showy national birds of India. The males are adorned with the most spectacular, fan-like spread of rear feathers. Although t…

Bowerbird Chirping and Dancing

This Bower Bird was very chatty, also didn’t seem to like my girlfriend very much. Maybe he was jealous?

Red Capped Manakin dancing – Pipra Mentalis – Gelbhosenpipra Panama

We went to Panama specifically to see this bird. After searching the redcapped manakin for 12 days and seeing many red-capped females and juveniles in differ… Video Rating: 5 / 5

The Art of Seduction in Burlesque Dancing

Vancouver-based burlesque performer Melody Mangler has been dancing for more than 10 years. Melody performs a number and gives the viewer a glimpse into the … Video Rating: 4 / 5

dancing at the bars – all i do is win

dancing on the whore box in shenan’s.

Dancing Blue Bird

Amazing bird that dances to attract females. Video Rating: 5 / 5

How To Pick Up Females Through Dancing

Watch and Learn Fellas. Please tell us what you think of our video!!! What are your favorite dance moves? And congrats to the people who watched the whole video, you guys are champs haha

How to Pick Up Women on The Dance Floor Without Having to Learn …

What are the myth in terms of getting into a club and meeting women on the dance floor? Unfortunately there are 2 myths about the dance floor: “The Dance floor is a “trap” and “I have to know how to dance to pick – up women on the dance floor “.

Super Sexy Girl Strip Dancing Stop watching videos of women and get a real one today! Pick-up artist reveals his secrets to attracting women regardless of age, income or looks – FREE! Click here now! http Video Rating: 5 / 5