Responsibility of Strangers – Social Experiment

This experiment explores common situations to test to see what variables are more likely to elicit a protective response from strangers. A normal-looking woman leaves her belongings unattended at the beach and a man (part of the experiment) comes by and steals her Ipod and speakers. No one really helps, though they notice, but if […]

Seduce Women: Can A Little Boy Pick/lift Up A Grown Woman? by …

give me detail or give me links Knew this experiment would go where i was thinking it would, notice how i ask such a simple and innocent question without going into any detail whatsoever? its pathetic how the slightest thing.

The Muscle Experiment – Top Rated

The Muscle Experiment – Top Rated The *Only* Bodyweight Training Program On The Planet That Shows How To Build Pounds Of Massive Muscle. Build Muscle Without Weights. Affiliates Make Per Sale. Amazingly high conversion rates. The Muscle Experiment – Top Rated Zooming To Success Heres How To Tap into the Brains of Top Internet Marketers! […]

Using Accents to Pick Up Girls PART 1 – Dave and Ethan

We’ve heard that American girls dig guys with accents, so we used a hidden camera to test this theory out ourselves.