Cradle of Filth – Funeral In Carpathia

#3 Track Album: Dusk….. And Her Embrace Year: 1996 Lyrics: Candelabra snuffed, prey – silhouette wedded Nightfall take my hand Seduce me with silky timbred limbs Grant me thy dark command Over the peaks framing tapestries Of thick forest, dusk has filled With Lucifugous kisses enwreathed in mist Creeping like violations from the shadows to […]

Zabaan Sambhalke – Principal’s Funeral

Zabaan Sambhalke The superhit comedy tv show of the good old Tv Serial in 1993 and literally means ‘Mind Your Language’. Mohan Bharti (Pankaj Kapur) played the lovable and cool hindi teacher and Miss Dixit (Shubha Khote) played the strict yet lenient Principal of ‘National Institute Of Languages’ (NIL), where students from various parts of […]

03 – cradle of filth – funeral in carpathia

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What are some funny jokes/stories to tell at a funeral service ?

by weirdchina Question by xxdark_angel95xx: What are some funny jokes/stories to tell at a funeral service ? I need funny jokes or stories to tell at a funeral service tonight, just to lighten up the mood of the folks. Any rude comments, please , don’t post anything. Best answer: Answer by dog on sofaI would […]

10 Oddball Facts about Funeral Services

by tanakawho 10 Oddball Facts about Funeral Services A funeral service is not always well planned, straight-forward or conventional. And you don’t have to be rich and famous to arrange a quirky funeral… afterall why can’t they have humour or be idiosyncratic. Maybe, after reading these funeral snippets you may want to try putting the […]

Iran — Sohrab’s Mother at Sohrab’s Funeral!!

Sohrabs mother are saying: people, you should all now that they lie to me in 26 days!! they told me that he is in Evin prison, but they had killed him!! they had killed him!! THEY SHOOT A BULLET TO HE`S HEART!!! They are INHUMAN!!! I WANT TO TALK!! NO ONE CAN STOP ME!!! NO […]

Ways to pick up a girl at a funeral + I-DOSING!!!

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