Geeks Meet Master

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Gutsy Geek | Walk Away If She's Not Interested

She had also been reading a lot of material about pick up artists (PUAs), and the various techniques they employ.

The Geek’s Guide To Dating

The Geek’s Guide To Dating How To Date and Attract High Quality Women for Geeks Written by A Geek The Geek’s Guide To Dating How to Find the Love of Your Life Very hot, hungry niche that includes just about everyone. Secrets help people find happiness in love while avoiding pitfalls. 75% paid for both […]

The Social Network : A Pinoy geek’s perspective

The Social Network : A Pinoy geek’s perspective When you’re heartbroken, you write a program that eventually leads to Facebook. Who knew a viewer could get so emotionally invested in friend requests and refreshing pages? Pinoy geek maven Carljoe Javier takes a closer look at The Social Network . Read more on GMA News

That Sucks: Cougars, Creeps, and Apple Geeks

What could be worse than dating a vegan chick who’s about to collapse under her own animal-free power? Being sent to pick up stuff for your girls lady bits, without explicit instructions. comments please…lol… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Raise Your Self Esteem Video by …

Gain self esteem to approach, meet, pick up and flirt, seduce and attract women .