Anthony Lindan’s Incredible Suit Jacket Escape

Corporate entertainer Anthony Lindan has closed every engagement for the past fifteen years with his Incredible Suit Jacket Escape.Honed over thousands of pe… Video Rating: 0 / 5

Sammy J. performs “Incredible Suit Jacket Escape”

Belgian Artist Steps into His Own Incredible 3D Drawings

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5 Ways You Can Make Women Pursue You | Health Quotes

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All four of these great conversation starters provide a wonderful way to start talking to a woman . Since each provides a natural to approach a girl , you won’t trigger her defense mechanisms like you would with a canned pick up line

Incredible *cough* RIP-OFF!

A few nice joke images I found: Incredible *cough* RIP-OFF! Image by warrenski Have been wanting to snap a photo of this for quite a while. It’s essentially a laughable menu of "technical" services offered by the Incredible Connection franchise. "Software update – R120"… lol, what a joke. Click yellow shield icon in system-tray, done. […]

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